House DFL blames GOP for shutdown, again

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Democrats in the Minnesota House are marking the anniversary of last summer’s state government shutdown with a warning that it could happen again.

House Minority Leader Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis, blamed majority Republicans for causing the 20-day shutdown by refusing to compromise with DFL Gov. Mark Dayton on the budget. Dayton wanted an income tax increase on top earners, and GOP leaders didn’t. During a news conference today, Thissen said Democrats would avoid another shutdown and offer better priorities if they win control of the House in November. He said taxes would be on the table.

“That’s coming up with a tax system that’s fairer and more simple,” Thissen said. “If that includes tax increases on some and tax decreases on others, like reducing property taxes, that’s something I think we need to have a discussion about.”

House Majority Leader Matt Dean, R-Dellwood, said he’s convinced Minnesotans believe that holding the line on taxes last year was the right decision. Dean also questioned the DFL campaign strategy.

“When I hear Rep. Thissen out saying that there’s not enough bipartisanship, and the way to solve that is to get rid of Republicans, I think the average guy is going to shake his head and say that sounds like more politics as usual,” Dean said.

  • Bob

    The DFL is at it again? Get your spending in order. You have more money every year and all you want is more and this problem would not happen.

  • Diane Kay Burns

    If the legislature had put more people back to work instead of bowing to the ALEC agenda we might not have to worry so much if more taxes were being collected. So much inuendo and misdirection about the true facts. MPR news is a good place to read a balanced information about the truth of the matter.