Clark raised more than $1 million for campaign, has $259k on hand

Democrat Tarryl Clark reports raising $210,302 $232,128 from April 1 through June 30, bringing her total fundraising for the 2012 cycle to more than $1 million. Clark, who is running for Congress in Minnesota’s 8th District, reports raising $1,054,865 for the election cycle. She has $259,022 in the bank.

Clark started running TV ads with the hopes of boosting her name identification heading into the August primary. She’s running in the DFL primary against former DFL Rep. Rick Nolan and former Duluth City Council member Jeff Anderson. Every member of the DFL delegation and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak have held fundraisers for Nolan, who has the DFL endorsement.

The winner of the August 14 primary will challenge GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack in November. It’s expected to be the most competitive Congressional race in the state this cycle.

Cravaack, Nolan and Anderson have not yet released their fundraising reports yet.

(This report was updated to reflect that Clark’s fundraising also included other receipts like dividends and interest that weren’t contributions)

  • Don Bye

    So if Sen. Clark has raised $1 million and has $300,000 on hand, does that mean she has spent the other $700,000? On what? She has no signs anywhere in the district. Her ads are aired sporadically at best, and everyone up here is voting for Jeff Anderson or the old guy.

  • Bob

    $700K on her Duluth condo to be true in the 8th district.

  • Burt

    Or maybe $700k on things a candidate needs to run a successful campaign to defeat incumbent Chip Cravaak such as tv ads, lawn signs, office space, stickers, lit pieces, gas expenses, campaign staff etc.