Contenders in 1st, 7th districts file reports

Allen Quist, a Republican hoping to challenge 1st Congressional District Rep. Tim Walz this fall, has raised $178,230 in the second quarter of the year.

All told, Quist has raised $243,160 this election cycle, according to a recent report filed with the Federal Election Commission. Quist has $165,214 in the bank.

Most of Quist’s cash has come from his own pockets. This quarter, he gave $170,000 to his campaign for a total of $195,000 this election cycle. He’s also loaned his campaign $25,000.

Campaign finance reports are due July 15, and so far Walz, a Democrat, and Minnesota Republican Sen. Mike Parry, who is also hoping to be Walz’s challenger, have not filed their finances for the quarter.

Making his second bid to represent Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District, Republican Lee Byberg has raised roughly $113,449 during the second quarter of this year.

Byberg is looking to oust long-serving Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson.

That figure doesn’t include a $40,000 loan, which brings Byberg’s total receipts between April and June of this year to roughly $153,449. Byberg has raised more than $320,000 for the entire election cycle.

Byberg has about $119,430 in the bank and is $116,794 in debt, according to his quarterly report.

Peterson’s fundraising haul dwarfs Byberg’s. He brought in $191,174 this quarter, has $819,648 in the bank, and has no debt.

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