Bachmann claims Ellison has ties to Muslim Brotherhood

With MPR’s Jon Collins…

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann intensified her claims on assertions that federal officials have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. On a talk show tonight, she zeroed in on DFL Rep. Keith Ellison, a fellow member of Congress who represents a district adjacent to hers.

Bachmann hasn’t backed down from claims that a top administration aide has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, even after GOP House Speaker John Boehner and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle condemnedher for making the suggestion. Bachmann instead has turned her fire on Ellison.

Ellison “has a long record of being associated… with the Muslim Brotherhood,” Bachmann said on Glenn Beck’s radio program on Thursday morning.

Bachmann also told Beck that Ellison wanted to “shut down” her proposed investigation into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the federal government.

Ellison said on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight that he had no ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“I don’t have any Muslim Brotherhood connections as she’s talking about,” Ellison said. He also said he’s not trying to shut down any investigation but is working to raise concerns that Bachmann is making unfounded allegations against Muslims who work for the federal government.

Ellison is the first Muslim elected to Congress and has widely criticized Bachmann for making the allegations that a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. He has repeatedly criticized Bachmann for “fear mongering” by suggesting Muslims working in the federal government are linked to extremist groups. He said he hopes people stand up to Bachmann’s claims.

He told MPR News recently that Bachmann’s claims were “the very stuff of McCarthyism, charges of disloyalty or subversion based on thin or attenuated evidence or prejudice.”

Bachmann has been the main source of criticism after she and four other lawmakers sent letters in mid-June to federal agencies asking that Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, be investigated for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the past week, her statements about Abedin have been condemned by Boehner, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) and Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ). Ed Rollins, who ran Bachmann’s campaign for president, also criticized Bachmann’s actions as “extreme” and “dishonest.” Bachmann’s comments have also reportedly upset House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers (R-Mich.). She sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

Bachmann and Ellison were both elected to Congress in 2006. They are both running for reelection.

  • linda

    I am proudly voting for my representative, Keith Ellison. How can people in Michele Bachmann’s district say the same thing about her. The woman has lost all sense of decency.

  • Steve

    I really believe Bachmann has lost it. She would do well to take some time off and seek professional help.

  • Laura Waterman Wittstock

    It is good that members of Congress have stepped forward to criticize the recklessness of Cong. Bachman’s charges. Now Congress has to speak in unison to censure Bachman due to the seriousness of her false charges and refusal to back down. Attacking another member of Congress and a vetted staff member of the State Department are serious and require evidence of their wrongdoing. No such evidence has been forthcoming. There are avenues for investigation and findings to be made without Cong. Bachman going to the press first and creating an explosive atmosphere with no immediate hard facts in hand.

  • David
  • Jon Jacobs

    Bachmann is a twisted nut… I live in the district and she has never displayed any quality intelligent ideas and she hasn’t demonstrated any compassion. I don’t know, perhaps she is a Dominionist? What she is good at is appealing to the baser instincts of conservative ideology, i.e. Religious Right Wing Christian belief and there are plenty of very frightened and very ignorant people in this district. It is an embarrassment and very frightening.

  • Jon Jacobs

    Bachmann is a twisted… I live in the district and she has never displayed any quality intelligent ideas and she hasn’t demonstrated any compassion. I don’t know, perhaps she is a Dominionist? What she is good at is appealing to the baser instincts of conservative ideology, i.e. Religious Right Wing Christian belief and there are plenty of very frightened and very ignorant people in this district. It is an embarrassment and very frightening.

  • Joe

    Looney toons is at it yet again. I think she just likes the attention negative or otherwise that she gets when she comes up with this stuff. If she goes too long without her attention fix she comes up with something sure to satisfy it.

  • Snyder

    I don’t think it’s so much the attention that motivates Bachmann as when she pulls these stunts, she creates an opportunity to rally her supporters for money to fight the “persecution” she faces as a result. So it’s a fundraising tool. And it’s very effective, unfortunately.

  • paul rogers

    I cannot believe all the blind idiots that cannot see the threat to the United States these Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers are to our nation. Islam advocates lying to “infidels”, namely Christians and Jews, until they are strong enough to take over. If you get a listen to their words when they are talking to each other, their goal is world domination and they are using our laws against us. Most of the Republican leadership is trying so hard to make nice with Democrats that they cannot acknowledge the truth. Good for Rep. Bachmann.

  • Dan Hassoun

    ^@paul rogers

    Racial paranoia at its worst.

  • Steve

    Paul’s comment is a perfect example of Snyder’s observation! The timing couldn’t have been better. hehehe

  • zack

    Crazy Eyes McGillicutty does her likeness to Bat Boy proud.

  • J Carlton

    10 to 1 she’s got it right.

  • Jake Barnes

    Bachmann’s district is one that leans far right and has a lot of prejudice . This sort of “misstep” only plays to bolster Bachmann’s presence there, she will get re-elected. The only way she might start checking herself is through congressional investigation into her misconduct.

    She shouldn’t be allowed to continue spreading fear and hate.

  • Joel Clemmer

    Interesting sidelight: is there a meaningful distinction between demented speech and lying?

    It has long been my opinion that Bachmann’s untruths are an expression of mental and/or personality disorder rather than knowing distortion. Bachmann uber-expert Bill Prendergast has criticized my view and sticks with the label “liar.”

    I see the distinction as points on a continuum (on which we all have a place) so there are some interesting subtleties involved. Maybe we should keep her in a padded office in D.C. and turn some graduate psych students loose on her.

  • Jason Farrell

    10 to 1 you don’t care whether or not she’s got it right.

  • Kevin

    I live in the 6th district. I’m sick of the hate-mongering and fear-mongering Michelle Bachman is leading. She is polarizing this country for her own benefit. She has done nothing to benefit her constituents or the American people as a whole. A congressperson needs to work for us. They need to help create jobs and negotiate with the opposite party to implement fair policies. We are not in a mood for McCarthyist nonsense. I look forward to voting her out this November. Now, to sign up to volunteer for Jim Graves…

  • Claudia

    Whoa! I wonder what she’s trying to divert attention from?

  • Greg

    The far left and right politicians often act on “secret information” or other special and unique , but unreleasable, truths that would “stun you”. I think Michelle Bachmann believes that she has found some such truth regarding a long running, deep and ongoing secretive effort by everyone that she names – as signs, omens and proof of an Islamic operation. Others had similar proof of the Communists, the unions, the CEO’s, …. we apparently find “gotcha” news-discovery to be more appealing then slow, plodding, fact based, reproducible information. She is the poster child for our own weaknesses , not our strengths.

  • Pauline Willems

    So then if she is wrong an investigation would find that, right? So what’s wrong with investigating the allegation….if there’s nothiing to hide? That’s a simple fix and then everyone will know who’s lying.

  • Leonard

    I find it interesting that neither NPR, ABC, or CBS has bothered to release the 14 page letter response to Ellison from Bachmann outlining numerous past details of likely infiltration.

    I recall that our own Homeland Security secretary ordered the FBI to remove the words ” Islamist terrorist” from their 2011 anti-terrorist training manuals so to be PC and not offend anyone. Recall the Fort Hood massacre where the FBI never notified the base commanders of the shooter’s frequent contacts with the top Islamist based terrorist Al-Awlaki. The list goes on as to our administration minimizing the threats to all of us.

    Political Jihad , i.e., to infiltrate our government is a well known documented fact by their own videos and speeches. Has anyone read the details on Rep.Ellison’s free trips funded/connected with CAIR? Has anyone recalled the numerous hate America type speeches from the leader of The Nation of Islam, occurring here in Chicago?

    It is logical to think that Bachmann is indeed well aware of the current administration’s public denials, the minimizing and looking the other way when Islamist terrorism presents. The Ft. Hood shooting is a good example yet, our administration called it

    “a WORK PLACE VIOLENCE” _not Islamist terrorism. AMAZING political correctness at work.

    Even in the McCarthy days of 1949-1954 there were over 90 convictions and some for refusing (claiming the 5th Amendment right) to give testimony to Congress on their communist affiliations. The real backbone of the Communist Party of the USA was later shown. see: “Exhuming McCarthy”, American Prospect 10, no. 43 (1999) The declassified records show the Soviets funded the CPUSA to gain spies. Recall the CPUSA printed their glee when they were accepted by the the DFL party and Unions after being earlier rebuffed by the GOP back in the late 930’s.

    If we can’t even get proven answers to Fast and Furious after 18 months from our own DOJ then why expect this admin. to investigate Islamist infiltration into other government agencies? Seriously, lets see the Bachmann 14 page letter to Ellison and see Ellison’s travel records and past 2 years finances before we crucify her. The truth has no agenda.

  • TJ

    One wonders if good old Michelle is either “crazy as a fox” (dictatorial takeover of America) or..just plain crazy.

  • Marconi Darwin

    Jason says “10 to 1 you don’t care whether or not she’s got it right.”

    Pfft. 1000 to 1 you don’t.

  • dwight bobson

    Yes, but Bachmann is related to aliens from an evil planet. She came to earth to lead the March for Even More Ignorance. No Child Left Behind was not getting’ er done. I have faith that if she stays the course and continues to drink her tea from the party, she can truly help our earth win the Least Knowledgeable Place in the Galaxy. Go for it girl!

  • Fred

    @ Pauline, re: investigating

    Substantial investigative work has already been done, since State Department employees are extensively vetted and the press ran Ellison through the ringer during his candidacy. Fiscal conservatives should be appalled – consider the cost of investigating every accusation of traitors in our midst, especially those of such obvious frivolity as Bachmann’s. Not to mention the distraction from more important issues, compounding wasted resources.

    @ Leonard: with all the mental contortion involved, a flowchart of what you’re arguing would look like an Escher painting.

  • memyselfandi

    Imagine that, MPR lemmings attack Bachman, guess they will next start preaching about Al Gore Warming,and I really like the hypocrisy of calling someone names but it is an outrage when a conservative criticizes the Obama

  • Jerri Buzo

    I find it ironic that Linda Baachman is accusing Hilary’s aid of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood when Republicans have signed a pledge to Grover Norquist. Grover does have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood AND Terrorist Jihadists.

    Grover has tried to get members of the Muslim Brotherhood elected in Virginia at least twice and so far has been unsuccessful. Grover’s wife is Palestinian and Grover is openly Anti-Israel.I think this is just another scheme to point the finger at someone else because all but a handful of Republicans have signed a pledge to Grover Norquist to never raise taxes. There is no question of Grovers ties to Hamas and Hezbolah. He took 25 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House 25 days after 911 claiming that The Muslim Brotherhood did not believe in that acts of the terrorists on 911 (he took 15 members of the Muslim Brotherhood with him to see GWB). Since then at least 1 of those very men is serving a 23 yr sentence in a federal Prison here in the United States. Grover also fought diligently to hav the mosque built at ground zero. This is just one more hypocritical accusation from the Right.I have noticed a pattern that Republicans constantly engage in, They are famous for saying that Democrats are involved in something when it is the Republican Party that has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood through Grover Norquist. Google “Human Events-Grover Norquist-Jihad”. or American Thinker-Grover Norquist-Jihad.