Bachmann raises $1 million dollars in July

WASHINGTON – Even as Republican leaders were criticizing Michele Bachmann’s recent statements about alleged Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government earlier this month, the 6th District Congresswoman’s campaign kept pulling in dollars. Bachmann’s campaign announced Tuesday that it raised more than $1 million between July 1 and July 25.

Candidates for Congress in Minnesota are required to release their fundraising for that period by Thursday ahead of a Federal Election Commission deadline tied to the state’s Aug. 14 primary.

Bachmann has been one of the strongest fundraisers in the U.S. House, bringing in $1.9 million in the three months ending June 30, mostly from a nationwide base of small donors who respond to frequent email and direct mail pitches for cash.

In a statement, Bachmann campaign manager Chase Kroll mentioned Bachmann’s DFL opponent, hotel owner Jim Graves, calling Graves a, “radical, liberal, self-funding opponent who has demonstrated his willingness to pour huge sums into this race.” But so far, Bachmann’s fundraising has far outstripped Graves’. As of June 30, Graves had raised about $500,000, which includes $250,000 he has lent his campaign.


In an email, Kroll said Bachmann’s campaign received 22,174 contributions that averaged $48.48 apiece. That implies Bachmann raised $1,074,995.52 over the 25 day period, or about $43,000 a day.

  • Bachmann is just the latest example of the homegrown fear-mongering our country has been subjected to in the decade following 9/11. These are NOT allegations to be played with in today’s society where dissidence is not being tolerated and minorities are being held without trial. As an elected official, Michelle should be leading by example not spewing her own form of politicized terrorism. You can read much more about living in this Orwellian society of fear and see my visual response to these measures on my artist’s blog at We must acknowledge this type of bigotry erodes our freedoms from the inside out for ALL races of Americans.