Bachmann brings in $1.7 million

WASHINGTON – The money race for Congress is heating up. Hours after her DFL opponent Jim Graves reported raising more than $400,000 for his election bid, Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s announced a massive $1.7 million haul for the three months ending on June 30th.

Bachmann made the announcement on Twitter, saying, “Thank you to my supporters! You gave more than 40,000 contributions, averaging <$45. More than $1.7 million from so many is humbling." Her official report with the Federal Election Commission won't be available until this weekend but Bachmann's fundraising was likely energized by the Supreme Court's June 28th decision upholding the health care law that Bachmann has staked her career on opposing. In the hours after the ruling, Bachmann's campaign issued fundraising appeals to conservatives who are eager to see the law repealed. Unlike many other campaigns that are issuing their fundraising numbers ahead of this Sunday's FEC deadline, Bachmann's didn't disclose how much cash it's sitting on - a possible sign of heavy spending. Bachmann's rump presidential campaign committee continues to be saddled with more than a million dollars in debt since she ended her bid for the White House in January.

  • Joe from Boston

    I cannot believe that people give money to this fascist, prejudiced, lyIng, delusional witch. She’s the worst, most shameless, self-serving politician in the entire country. I’d lIke to take up a collection to have her shipped to Switzerland.

  • Derek Wain

    MB is the bravest and most patriotic person in the entire Congress. 40,000 small contributions did not just come from the 6th district of MN. She will easy dig a political grave for multi-millionaire Jim Graves, who is self-funding, as she did for her last 3 opponents.

  • Bob

    @Joe from Boston – you’re funny. And obviously a partisan who doesn’t listen to anything.

  • Martha

    Michele Bachmann needs to go away. I’m a Republican who finds her antics most disgusting. She is a loose canon out to push her own agenda while forgetting what the Republican goal is. She is not getting my vote and why is she getting money from outside her district? She’s WEAK and EGOMANIACAL. She’s a COWARD. She’s a LIAR. She does not represent my views and I’m in her district now.

  • John in Bachmann’s district

    Why is she (or ANY congress member) getting donations from outside the district she is running for? That should be illegal! When you have someone as camera-happy as Bachmann, you cannot compete. She’s known all over the country and Graves is known only in Minnesota. There’s now way to compete when money comes from Califronia, Florida, or Texas! It’s not fair and it should be illegal. She’s a lying little witch, anyway.