American Action Network reserves $860K in MN air time

The American Action Network is reserving $860,000 in air time in the Twin Cities media market this fall for candidate advocacy, according to a press release sent out by the organization.

“This initial investment for the fall will enable the Network to directly communicate with local households about the key congressional candidates and issues in their area,” said American Action Network (AAN) spokeswoman Brook Hougesen in a press release.

Hougesen wouldn’t say which congressional races the ads will focus on.

But there are at least two Minnesota districts that appear competitive at this point: the 8th Congressional District, where Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack is running for re-election and the 2nd Congressional District, where Republican Rep. John Kline is running for re-election. The U.S. House Democrats’ fundraising arm has pledged to assist Democrat Mike Obermueller, who is running against Kline.

AAN is an issue advocacy group co-founded by former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman, and focuses on center-right issues. The organization is tax-exempt and therefore doesn’t have to disclose its donors. But this election cycle, it has been spending heavily in regions important to the Republican party.

Minnesota appears to be one state where AAN will be focusing more of its efforts.

Earlier this month, AAN announced that it will spend money on direct mail, print advertising and robocalls in Cravaack’s district. The buy is part of a $1.2 million national initiative in 35 House districts.

Coleman’s group also aims to build a long-term relationship with Minnesota. The state is part of AAN’s “orphan state” effort, a $10 million pledge to build a national grassroots network that focuses on encouraging lawmakers to support or oppose specific legislative issues, particularly in states where local parties are struggling financially.

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