The Daily Digest (Dayton names aide to stadium commission, Reaction to General Mills decision, MN’s delegation released financial filings)

A top aide to Governor Dayton will lead the Vikings stadium authority.

The Legislature hired an outside lawyer to join the photo ID lawsuit.

The Senate is about to get hit with another big bill from the attorney representing the Senate in the Michael Brodkorb case.

Several Minneapolis fire fighters discussed their recent injuries during a hearing at the State Capitol.


U.S. jobless claims are higher in a still-sluggish economy.

Minnesota employers cut 900 jobs in May.

The BBC wonders whether it’s “game over” for Greece.

Same-sex Marriage Amendment

Groups are reacting to General Mills’ opposition to the marriage amendment.


The GAO says the feds have lost $80 million looking for Medicaid fraud.

Attorney General Eric Holder floats a deal with Congress on “Fast and Furious.”

MPR says some Minnesota members of Congress delayed their financial filings.

DFL Sen. Al Franken said the Farm Bill could help biomass projects in northern Minnesota.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison questions whether the National Federation of Independent Businesses is truly the voice of small business. He argues small businesses benefit from the health care law and yet the NFIB is leading the way to defeat it.

War in Afghanistan

Taylor John Baune, a Marine from Andover, was killed in Afghanistan. He was 21.

Race for Congress

There are fewer women candidates running for U.S. House in Minnesota this year.

AP says Rick Nolan is making the case for a second act in Congress.

Race for U.S. Senate

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar will attend a private fundraiser at Lockgridge Grindal Nauen at noon today.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association announced that they’re backing Klobuchar.


Politico takes a look inside the political operations of the Koch Brothers.

Aetna, a publicly traded company, accidentally disclosed its political donations to conservative groups. One of the beneficiaries is The American Action Network which is run for former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman.

Race for President

President Obama makes an appeal to independent voters.

Obama and Mitt Romney held dueling speeches on the economy in Ohio.

AP says Romney is contradicting himself when saying it’s bad for private sector employees to lose their jobs but ok for public sector job cuts.

Obama acknowledges he made a gaffe when he said the private sector is “doing fine.”

President Obama raised cash in NYC with some help from celebrities.

Tim Pawlenty is scheduled to campaign with Mitt Romney this weekend. In fact, CNN says all of the VP contenders will make the rounds.