Walker wins in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Recall Election reaction and results

Heavy turnout is reported today in Wisconsin where voters are deciding if Gov. Scott Walker will be recalled. Walker foes launched the recall effort after the Republican governor led an effort to dismantle collective bargaining in the Badger State.

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Updates will continue here and will include results as they become available.
Gov. Walker has a slight edge in polling and an enormous cash advantage over his Democratic rival Tom Barrett. 
Dirty campaign tactics emerge while polling locations are open
Report: Robocalls falsely telling petition signers they don’t have to voteYou have to vote if you want to participate in today’s election, even if you signed the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker. The Governm…
Strong turnout around the state.
Voter turnout high for Wis. recall electionMore from MPR Minnesota DFLers in Wisconsin to get out the vote for Barrett June 5, 2012 Wisconsin recall battle finally goes to voters J…
The line is out the door at the Presbyterian church in @DePereWI to vote in the #WIRecall. And we’re at the end. http://pic.twitter.com/f3ng5itVJason Wilde
@Wkow town of Madison poll. First time in 25 years voting here that I’ve had to stand in line. http://pic.twitter.com/Wn3TnN01Toni Morrissey
Crowd that met Tom Barrett in Janesville. Barrett says he is not worried about MU Law Poll showing Gov. up 52-45. http://pic.twitter.com/whLQDriHGreg Neumann
Get out and vote today!!!! http://pic.twitter.com/dH5nS47qMarc Busko
Standing in line to vote. Glad to see so many others here #wirecall http://pic.twitter.com/ivdA5LvEShelly Morris Mumma
As @paulajwilde points out, we should’ve put sunscreen on @MaddieWilde and @Sydney_Wilde to vote. #WIRecall http://pic.twitter.com/dCqejEnTJason Wilde
Consider all those who fought & died for your right to vote, then you won’t mind standing in line. http://pic.twitter.com/dkgJsQuUPatrick Casey
Number 610 at my local voting booth. Get out and vote Wisconsin. http://pic.twitter.com/N4lcrTUgMichael Scolare
A first. A line at Town of Madison poll. First time in 25 years that I’ve had to wait in line at this polling place. http://pic.twitter.com/Odh235uAToni Morrissey
West side Madison poll at 7:00 am http://pic.twitter.com/MxZrTZUHDenise Stanley
In America, governors have to wait in line like everyone else. Here is Gov. Scott Walker voting this morn #WIrecall http://pic.twitter.com/wxMnGprZYaelOss
Barrett speaking to reporters at canvassing event in Milwaukee "It’s not healthy to have all this fighting" #WIrecall http://pic.twitter.com/wW5wmkFqYaël
HUGE turnout in Wausau to help get out the vote for Tom. -Staff #wirecall #wipolitics http://pic.twitter.com/Nzzg0po8Barrett4WI
Took me only a few minutes, go and vote! #WIRecall http://pic.twitter.com/1KliMkiLAllison Swanton
“@Reince: Keep calm and vote for Walker- http://yfrog.com/ke51701892p” @Mesmyle @Mom2Tali @AmorVincetOmniadeethompsonjr
A United 8 N. Bassett to Recall Walker http://pic.twitter.com/cVbT6fskryanludens
Melissa Manley is among walker supporters gathered in front of Watertown picknsave http://pic.twitter.com/UyDCh7qfRobSchultzWSJ
Setting up the stage for the Walker victory party tonight in Waukesha… http://twitpic.com/9t5p64Schneider_CM
96th person in Witte, Sellery, and Lucky to Vote #wirecall http://pic.twitter.com/txbdGRzEMaria
I will vote for Tom Barrett to reclaim Wisconsin tomorrow! Fellow Badgers do the same! http://pic.twitter.com/sGhQ1BBFfastmofobanshee
Elections enforcers show up to "observe the process" at Wisconsin voting site #WIrecall #WIvote http://pic.twitter.com/xkJfbjZCYaelOss
Massive election day anti-Walker protest at Wisconsin’s capitol http://yfrog.com/kglxsvzejjohnhendren
In case you missed it, there is an election today.Jennifer Evans Burns
Background and analysis leading up to Tuesday’s vote
TimesCast Politics: Wisconsin Recall – Video Library – The New York TimesWisconsin voters go to the polls Tuesday in the recall election of Gov. Scott Walker, only the third such contest in the nation’s history.
County-By-County Battle In Wisconsin : NPRWisconsin votes on recalling its governor Tuesday, and much has been made of potential implications beyond the state. But while most regi…
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Wisconsin Voter Kathy Philbrickpbsnewshour
Wisconsin Voter Arthur Palleonpbsnewshour
Wisconsin Voter Shannon Smithpbsnewshour

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