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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where the House approved the Vikings conference committee report, the Senate sends a smaller tax bill to Dayton, and Obama comes out in favor of same sex marriage.

At the Capitol

Only a state Senate vote, the governor’s signature and approval from the Minneapolis City Council stands between the Vikings and a $975 million stadium, MPR’s Tim Nelson reports.

The House passed the stadium conference report early Thursday by a 71-60 vote.

The conference committee report asks the Vikings to spend $477 million, $50 million more than the $427 million the Vikings initially committed.

Lawmakers worked behind closed doors to resolve differences between the House and Senate Vikings stadium bills.

Here’s who voted for and against the bill.

St. Paul DFLers voted for the bill to get something for their city.

The Minnesota Senate approved a tax bill smaller and less expensive than one Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed earlier.

PoliGraph says a claim that the Metrodome was a good deal is correct.

Here’s a list of retiring lawmakers.

Around Minnesota

Ron Paul will address Republicans at the state’s convention next week.

The Washington Post looks at what Paul is up to by staying in the race with so few delegates.

“In Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and elsewhere, his supporters have flooded the party’s snoozy state conventions — and then elected themselves to delegate slots… With these numbers, the perennial outsider could gain the leverage to demand a speaking slot, or changes to the party platform” at the Republican convention in August.

The Chamber of Commerce is running an ad in support of Rep. Chip Cravaack in the 8th Congressional District.

3M rejected proposals regarding the company’s political spending and lobbying.

In Washington

President Barack Obama says that he supports same-sex marriage.

He’s the first president to support the idea.

The annoncement comes after Vice President Joe Biden said last week he supports same-sex marraige, and a day after North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Some of Obama’s key donors are gay, the Washington Post reports.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill that would ban companies from asking current or future employees for their passwords to social networking sites.

The Postal Service is scaling back plans to close some post offices.

Conservative columnist George Will writes about the medical device tax.

The federal government is proposing a temporary increase in Medicaid payment rates for primary care doctors in Minnesota and nationwide.

Tim Pawlenty closed his Freedom First PAC.


    The RNC is heading straight off a cliff with its newest policy of favoring candidates in direct contravention of their own rules. Obama is going to make a HUGE stink about it – but only AFTER the nomination is a done deal. Well, that is if Romney isn’t disqualified by a felony conviction before then.