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Welcome to the Daily Digest where the Vikings stadium plan passes the House, 73-58, the MN GOP details an internal finance investigation, and the U.S. thwarts a terror plot.

At the Capitol

After eight and a half hours of debate, the House approved the Vikings stadium bill.

Here’s how House legislators voted.

An amendment to the bill decreased the state’s contribution by $105 million and upped the Vikings’ share.

The Senate could vote on the bill as early as today.

The House also passed a $496 million bonding bill on a 99-32 vote.

Around Minnesota

The Republican Party of Minnesota has released the findings of an internal investigation prompted by news that

Among other things, the party found that a fund set up to pay for a conference last fall still owes roughly $26,000 to outside vendors. Former party executive director Ryan Griffin isn’t returning the party’s calls to answer questions about a $1,000 mileage reimbursement, a contract to research medical marijuana and $14,000 he was paid for legal services in addition to his salary.

Common Cause Minnesota is asking the Ramsey County Attorney General to investigate Count Them All Properly, a fund set up to pay for GOP recount costs.

Critics of the war on invasive carp decry cost and the environmental impact.

Former state senator Tarryl Clark is out with a radio ad in the 8th congressional district, where she’s running in the DFL primary to challenge Rep. Chip Cravaack.

In Washington

The U.S. stopped a new Al Qaeda plot to take down a commercial plane, the New York Times reports.

The U.S. House committee voted on a budget that protects military spending and cuts social services spending.

The Secretary of Education has become another Obama administration official to publicly embrace same-sex marriage.

The Washington Post’s “The Fix” looks at why President Obama’s views on same-sex marriage are still evolving.

National News

A Republican party elder is facing a tough primary battle today.

Wisconsin votes today on who will face Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett leads so far.

North Carolina votes today on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

On the Campaign Trail

Liberal billionaire George Soros is pledging $2 million to political groups supporting progressive causes and President Barack Obama’s re-election, the Associated Press reports.

Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney.

Obama’s campaign is targeting middle-class voters with a new nine-state ad campaign.

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