The Daily Digest

Welcome to the Daily Digest, where Republicans are floating a new stadium plan, Dayton doesn’t like it, and Obama makes an unexpected trip to Afghanistan.

At the Capitol

Republicans floated a new plan to make the Vikings stadium open-air, which would be paid for by the state’s general fund.

Gov. Mark Dayton doesn’t like the plan.

The House passed a package of business tax cuts, but Dayton hasn’t agreed to sign it.

Dayton named John Linc Stine to run the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

The game and fish bill includes lots of changes, the Star Tribune reports.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar talked student debt with MSU Mankato students.

Foreign Affairs

President Barack Obama went to Afghanistan Tuesday night and signed an agreement that essentially says the U.S. won’t abandon the country after American combat troops leave, the Associated Press reports.

Obama gave a live address there. He said he could “see the light of a new day on the horizon.”

A Chinese dissident sheltering at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing left for medical treatment.

In Washington

Obama’s approval rating is the highest it’s been since last May.

Lawmakers want more information on the Secret Service scandal.

The Presidential Campaign

Mitt Romney is seeking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement.

So is Obama.

The New York Times reports that Obama’s trip to Afghanistan could fuel critics who say he is using the killing of Osama bin Laden as a campaign issue.

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