Paul supporters score near sweep of national delegates

ST. CLOUD – Supporters of presidential hopeful Ron Paul picked up 12 of 13 national delegates chosen at this weekend’s state Republican party convention. They will represent the state party in Tampa, FL at the Republican National Convention.

The audience of mostly Paul supporters erupted after they realized they nearly swept the slate. It means 32 of the 40 delegates heading to Tampa are confirmed supporters of Ron Paul. Another potential Paul delegate, Don Huizenga,dropped his bid after he didn’t pick up the needed 50 percent on the first ballot. His concession means GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, a one-time candidate for president, can be a delegate at the national convention.

“We’re very happy,” said Pastor Kevin Erickson, a national delegate elected out of the 8th Congressional District. “From Minnesota, we’ll cast 32 votes for Ron Paul. The rest, we’ll see what happens.”

The strength of Paul’s supporters means several well known Republicans will not be headed to Tampa. They include former Congressman Mark Kennedy, state Rep. Keith Downey, Republican Party Treasurer Bron Scherer, Republican Party Deputy Party Chair Kelly Fenton and 6th District Republican Party Chair Jen Niska.

Paul supporters have said repeatedly that they are likely to back presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney in November but they say they want to send a message that candidates should stick to constitutional principals.

Paul played a major role at this weekend’s convention. He spoke to delegates, held a fundraiser for the party and posed for pictures for hundreds of people who backed his campaign. Romney’s presence was virtually nonexistent. His wife, Ann, recorded a video message but there were no surrogates.

Three of the national delegate slots are awarded to the state party chair, the Republican National Committeeman and the National Committeewoman.

Update: Paul supporters also picked up the 13 of the 13 alternate delegates to the RNC. That means 25 of the 26 people elected delegates and alternate delegates at the State Party Convention are Paul supporters. 32 of the 40 delegates to the RNC are confirmed Ron Paul supporters.

Note: Post has been updated that Huizenga conceded and to clarify delegate totals.

  • keith

    There is not a single Ron Paul supporter that will support a fascist like Romney in November. We will write in Ron Paul’s name or vote for Gary Johnson.

  • Tea_Party_Patriot

    I used to be a Michelle Bachmann fan during the Tea Party Revolution of 2010.

    But, after she backstabbed me by joining the ranks of other faux-conservatives in supporting RINO Romney, I view her now with contempt.

    Ron Paul is now my Liberty Hero.

    Ron Paul 2012, 2016

  • Tod

    I too will write Ron Paul’s name in if I must. I don’t know a single Ron Paul supporter who would do otherwise, nor do I know anyone who is a “former” Paul supporter. Everyone in my extended family who is old enough to vote, from youngsters in their 20’s to my Mom who is in her 80’s is planning on doing the same. To do otherwise is to throw one’s vote away.

    Once your eyes have been opened to the charade played by the establishment politicians of either stripe, (R) or (D), you cannot stomach them any more. Romney, Obama: virtually no difference, certainly not enough to consider the two a choice.

    If you’ve had to change your support from Bachmann to Perry to Cain to Santorum to Gingrich and now to Romney, then you watch too much television.

    If you think the establishment politicians much care whether Romney or Obama is elected, you watch too much television.

    If you don’t like the prospect of telling your kids or grandkids how much is their share of the national debt or how they can now be indefinitely detained, etc ad nauseum, then vote Ron Paul.

  • Kathy88

    “Another potential Paul delegate, Don Huizenga,dropped his bid after he didn’t pick up the needed 50 percent. That means GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, a one-time candidate for president, can be a delegate.”

    This is a factually inaccurate statement. The Ron Paul delegate conceded to Ms. Bachman in lieu of a runoff out of courtesy to the Congresswoman. In light of the way Ms. Bachman has treated Dr. Paul in the past, she is very fortunate that Paul’s supporters have integrity.

  • Tom Scheck


    I revised the story to clarify that Huizenga didn’t secure the needed votes on the 1st ballot and conceded. Thanks for your input.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for reporting this 🙂 Good article!

  • lakawak

    OF course, the media numbers for Romney were ALREADY not including any from Minnesota since he didn’t win the popular vote there. So this isn’t even a defeat for Romney in terms of delegates. Any he gets is a bonus.

    Any way you look at it, in 10 days, Romney clinches. And Ron PAul has REPEATEDLY said he will not accept the nomination if any disenfranchising of voters takes place in his name.

  • Oceanborne

    Congratulations on your success Minnesota!

    Having been a caucus and GOP convention goer, and seen first-hand the horde of Ron Paul supporters, I am left to ponder where “front-runner” Romney’s support comes from. To my account here in WA State, consistent with everywhere else in the country, Paul supporters have made up the majority of the population of the conventions/caucus’, yet on record Romney won WA state’s popular vote. That leaves me breathless lmao because I feel like only me and thousands of others know the truth about GOP politics – Ron Paul is the popular candidate, BUT the long-reach of the establishment already chose Romney for us. Even the old-guard republicans know the Romney situation. This is the responsibility of EVERY liberty-loving freedom fighter in the US to take on and help get Ron Paul into the Oval Office in 2012.