Bachmann is also a Swiss citizen

Staffers for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are confirming a Swiss television news report that Bachmann is now a citizen of Switzerland. Bachmann’s congressional spokeswoman Becky Rogness said Bachmann now enjoys dual citizenship with the US and Switzerland.

“Congresswoman Bachmann’s husband is of Swiss descent so she has been eligible for dual-citizenship since they got married in 1978,” said Rogness. “However, recently some of their children wanted to exercise their eligibility for dual-citizenship so they went through the process as a family.”

Bachmann represents Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District and is seeking re-election to a 4th term following a failed GOP presidential campaign. Bachmann’s critics have accused her of neglecting her Minnesota constituents in favor of promoting broader ambitions.

Here’s the Swiss TV interview. In it, a reporter tells Bachmann she’s technically able to run in Switzerland. “As you can see there’s a lot of competition behind me,” Bachmann says indicating a group of men, who laugh, “..and they’re very good.”