The Daily Digest (Vikings bill moving again, Leadership talks continue, House passes LIFO)

The Vikings Stadium bill has a hearing in the Senate Tax Committee this afternoon. The hearing comes after the bill stalled on Thursday.

No word on when the House will take up the bill.

Several lawmakers are wary of linking gambling to the stadium.

The Star Tribune says the public would be on the hook for Vikings stadium overruns.

The Pioneer Press says St. Paul is trying to get a piece of the stadium pie.

Under the Dome

Gov. Dayton and legislative leaders continue to negotiation a bonding bill and a tax bill. Republican leaders are mum on what’s in the tax bill. House and Senate DFL leaders offered the GOP a $685 million bonding bill. That’s $185 million more than what the GOP has proposed.

Despite Gov. Dayton’s veto threat, the House passed a bill that would change the teacher tenure rules.

The Game and Fish Conference Committee agreed to increase fees on hunting and fishing licenses and to establish a wolf hunt in Minnesota. They decided against creating an earlier fishing opener.

The House also passed a Transportation Policy bill.

The House also quickly tabled a motion to move the Right-to-Work amendment.

Dayton vetoed a bill to require clinics that perform abortions to pay license fees and undergo special inspections.

The U of M’s executive pay is scrutinized by a special Regents panel.


The U.S. will remove 9,000 Marines from Okinawa.

The Labor Department backed off a rule to limit farm work by kids.

The Senate passed a Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization.

Catholics are divided over the Ryan Budget.

A U.S. Senate panel takes up the Farm Bill.

DFL Sen. Al Franken vows to investigate Accertive Health.

Franken also wants to keep rural post offices open.

Franken also wept on the Senate floor when he spoke about Paul and Sheila Wellstone.

A just has denied a request to release Bin Laden photos.

Race for U.S. Senate

Republican Pete Hegseth takes on GOP challenge Kurt Bills and Ron Paul.

Race for President

The White House and Mitt Romney are battling over foreign policy.

President Obama is going to target colleges that prey on Veterans.

Marco Rubio, who is mentioned as a possible running mate to Mitt Romney, continues to push the DREAM Act.

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