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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where the Vikings stadium plan has hit another snag, the Secret Service scandal investigation is growing in scope, and Obama and Romney battle over the economy.

Around Minnesota

An NFL official has warned that “conditions are ‘getting ripe'” for the Vikings to leave Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk says his caucus will put up Senate stadium votes.

Gov. Mark Dayton wants the Legislature to hold an up-or-down vote on the stadium.

The House and Senate have each passed separate legislation that would place restrictions on clinics that provide abortions.

Dayton signed legislation that classifies the intentional neglect of vulnerable adults or children as a felony crime.

A spat at the Legislature has put on hold a bill that would allow a wolf hunt.

The House passed legislation aimed at ensuring all cities enforce immigration laws.

In Washington

A prostitution scandal involving the Secret Service is expanding.

After a NATO meeting in Brussels, DOD Secretary Leon Panetta apologized for photos of troops posing with the bodies of dead insurgents.

Looking to the fall elections, congressional GOP leaders are trying to close the gender gap by putting female lawmakers at the front of big issues, Politico reports.

The wife of the GSA official at the center of a spending scandal accompanied her husband on travel at the taxpayers expense, according to the Washington Post.


Rep. Michele Bachmann is focused on House race fundraising, not her $1 million in presidential campaign debt.

On the Campaign Trail

The PoliGraph says Bachmann’s defense of Romney’s Medicare and Medicaid plan leaves out some details.

Romney’s view on Afghanistan is similar to Obama’s, the New York Times finds.

Romney and Santorum may be meeting soon to discuss a possible endorsement.

At separate campaign stops, Obama and Romney battled over the economy.

The Obama campaign wants voters to think that Romney has a conservative core, according to the Washington Post.

A New York Times poll shows that Romney is persuading people still worried about their finances to support him.

A new poll shows that swing voters are a shrinking bunch.

A separate poll shows that voters are split between Obama and Romney.

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