House GOP unveils retooled bonding proposal

House Republicans are trying a new approach to passing a bonding bill.

They are proposing a new $434 million bonding bill that would include the State Capitol renovations that lawmakers narrowly rejected in a separate bill on Thursday.

A amendment unveiled today in the House Ways and Means Committee would again provide $221 million for the Capitol. But the rest of the bill is smaller than a previous version, with just $213 million for other projects, including $60 million for higher education projects and $30 million for flood mitigation.

GOP leaders had originally pushed for two separate bonding bills this session. One for $280 million, and the $221 million Capitol renovation bill that failed Thursday when only 80 legislators voted for it. Bonding bills need a super majority of 81 votes to pass in the House.

Republicans in the Senate are proposing a $496 million bonding bill. Governor Dayton’s proposal is for $775 million.

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