Hegseth campaign takes on Kurt Bills and Ron Paul

Between now and next month’s Republican statewide nominating convention, expect Senate hopeful Pete Hegseth to distinguish himself from the competition by linking his rival, Kurt Bills, to presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Paul’s message “is not one that’s going to win the general election, and it’s not one that’s in line with Republicans and Minnesotans at large,” said Hegseth’s spokesman Kyler Nerison.

Bills endorsed Paul for president, and Paul has endorsed Bills, a member of the Minnesota House, in his effort to win the GOP nomination to run against DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Nerison said the campaign’s goal is to make sure delegates at the convention are well aware of the Bills’ association with Paul, who supports ending the Federal Reserve, pulling American troops out of Afghanistan, and other libertarian ideas controversial in some Republican circles.

Paul’s supporters are expected to make a strong showing at this year’s statewide convention. His Minnesota campaign manager told MPR that Paul won 20 of the 24 national delegates elected at Republican district conventions.

Nevertheless, Nerison said that Hegseth still plans to drop his Senate bid if he’s not endorsed by the party.

  • s. taylor

    Epic bad move

  • Rynosaur

    “is not one that’s going to win the general election, and it’s not one that’s in line with Republicans and Minnesotans at large”

    Really? A constitutional government isn’t inline with Republicans and Minnesotans? I’m not surprised about the Republicans (specifically establishment RINOS), but Minnesotans don’t believe in constitutional government?

    Vote Kurt Bills

  • Rynosaur

    I don’t understand how anyone can attack Ron Paul’s positions? He stands for a truly constitutional government. As in, reading, understanding, and following it, not just acknowledging that it exists. Therefore, anyone who attacks him, doesn’t want to follow the constitution.

  • KittenJuggler

    His contrast is that he’s a big government, pro-war, anti-liberty candidate. Let’s see how that sits with the electorate.

  • j bauer

    Not in line with Republican views? His views are line by line what any REAL Republican’s views should be.

    – Smaller Government

    – Constitutional Government

    – Economic Sanity

    – Peace through Strength, aka not spreading our troops to thin and defending what matters…you know HERE

    – Heck he even toes the line on social issues: Pro-life and Pro Man/Woman marriage. Pro Family

    If thats not what a Republican is then I think people need to seriously consider whether their political affiliation is correct

  • GOPNeighbor

    Ron Paul’s fiscal message is good. His foreign policy, anti-Semitic, racist beliefs are not good. Ron Paul doesn’t market well among Republicans, Democrats or Independents. So Kurt Bills doesn’t market well among Republicans, Democrats or Independents. Not to mention that Bills is a “one trick pony.”

  • The Truth Will Come Out

    “he’s a big government, pro-war, anti-liberty candidate.”

    kittenjuggler –

    Just saying it doesn’t make it so. There is nothing in Pete Hegseth’s history, interviews, record, debates, or literature that would identify him as big government, pro-war, or anti-liberty.

    Pete Hegseth is adament about reducing the size of government, peace through strength, and protecting individual freedoms.

    Can’t find anything positive to say about your own candidate, perhaps?

  • John Tomas

    How is Ron Paul racist? Give me an example other than that newsletter that someone wrote with his name on it?

    Do you think the republicrats are going to have any of your social security $ left for you?

    RON PAUL!!!!!! 2012!!!!!

  • Chad

    Ron Paul already has 20 of 24 delegates from Minnesota, and will almost certainly win when the rest are awarded at the state convention in a few weeks. So I’m not sure how Hegseth thinks that linking Kurt Bills to Ron Paul is a strategy for winning the nod at convention for Senate.

    In any case, it’s FAR past time someone address the elephant (!) in the room: how, for the love of GOD, can anyone claim to be in favor of “small government” while lauding a merciless worldwide military empire engaging in a-war-a-week?? It’s laughable.

    No warmongers for senate for THIS Republican, thanks. I’ll vote for Kurt Bills, or I’ll write my own name in.

  • Randy

    Pete Hegseth is not really seeking the endorsement this year but hopes to get it in two years.

    Hegseth is a puppet of the McCain/Lieberman NATO/Council of Foreign Affairs ” we must lead the world” crew. They are bankrupting the US all the while looking to everyone but American citizens for consultation.

    Pete did not join the Council of Foreign Affairs to give advice but rather to make connections for his obvious political ambitions. He is an opportunist of the first order.

  • joel m

    Ron Paul for Pres 2012!

    He is the most consist and most conservative candidate running for GOP. He is the only real republican running and is not supported by big banks or Goldman Sachs but gets more money from our troops then all candidates combined. Call MPR and ask them why they don’t pay attention to the candidate that has 20 of mn delegates. We obviously are aware that he is a force fighting for our FREEDOM. fight for Ron Paul