Graves jumps in the race to challenge Bachmann

From MPR’s Conrad Wilson…

A Minnesota businessman has entered the race to challenge Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Jim Graves told supporters today in St. Cloud that he plans to seek the DFL endorsement in the state’s 6th Congressional District.

Graves lives in Minneapolis, but grew up in the St. Cloud area and says he’ll establish residency there. He started Graves Hospitality, a hotel management company with hotels in Minneapolis, Chicago and New York. He says 6th District residents need more jobs and higher wages.

“This is a very serious job and I think the 6th District deserves someone full-time that can roll up their sleeves. And believe me, we will,” Graves said. “I will stand toe to toe, face to face, bring out the facts and debate with Michele Bachmann what’s best for the 6th District.”

St. Cloud attorney Anne Nolan and Twin Cities businessman Brian McGoldrick are also seeking the DFL endorsement. Graves says he hasn’t decided whether he’ll seek the nomination in the primary if he doesn’t get the endorsement.

You can listen to Graves announcement here:

  • Ex Democrat

    I have voted in every election, local, state, fed., that I was legally allowed sence 1958. I alwas voted straight democrat. The last fed election & local state elections I had to switch & vote republican. It seems like the democrats aren’t for the working class & common people anymore. It seems like the democrats are against every thing the will protect the working class & common people. I & almost every man where I gather, the VFW, church, club, etc express themselves the same. We are for the imigration law AR wants, for voter ID, against these sick people called “gays” to legally marry & a lot of other situations the republicans are trying to put thru for the benefit of us. I wish the democrat rep’s would get there act together & be for the people again.

  • Not A Moron

    So you were a Democrat for 50 years before suddenly switching to the other, polar opposite party. Makes a lot of sense.

    I also hate it when gay people take jobs because they aren’t “people.”