Dayton vetoes ban on child care money being spent for union dues

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton pulled out his veto pen again today, rejecting two Republican-backed bills.

Dayton vetoed one measure to modify child care assistance payments. Supporters of the bill wanted to make sure funds for state subsidized child care programs would not end up up paying the union dues of any child care providers. The bill was inspired by Dayton’s failed attempt to allow a unionization vote among some in-home providers. A judge blocked the vote.

“This legislation is completely unnecessary because no union representation of child care providers exists in the State of Minnesota,” Dayton wrote. “I will not support such a misguided and unnecessary effort.”

Dayton also rejected a bill to prohibit the commissioner of education from enforcing unadopted rules. The governor said the measure tried to strip away powers granted to the executive branch.


Senate Republicans issued a news release on the veto of the child care fuding bill.

Sen.Ted Lillie, R-Lake Elmo, said he was surprised and disappointed by the governor’s action.

“Our priority is to act as faithful stewards of taxpayer dollars and also to protect private businesses from government overreach,” Lillie said. “With his veto today, the Governor does nothing to prevent unions from capturing tax payer dollars intended for the care of our children,”

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