Dayton raised $82,000 in first quarter

Gov. Dayton released his fundraising reports for the first quarter of this year. He reports raising $82,591 over the first three months of the year. He spent $63,315 and has $65,781 in the bank.

Dayton raised the bulk of his money in the first quarter from lobbyists and Political Action Committees. His report says he raised $32,540 from PACs, $18,450 from lobbyists and $31,691 from individuals.

Dayton’s report also says he spent $14,000 on polling in March, $15,979 on a staff person, nearly $6,000 on printing services and $1,600 on rent at the DFL headquarters.

State law doesn’t require campaign finance reports to be released for several months but Dayton has voluntarily released for this quarter. He wants to change state law to require campaigns that raise more than $5,000 to file quarterly reports. He said the measure will create greater transparency at the Minnesota Legislature.

Here’s the campaign finance report filed by Dayton’s campaign:

Dayton Apr 15 2012 Report

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