Bakk says DFL will put up Senate stadium votes

Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk pulled a flea-flicker play on TPT’s Almanac at the Capitol tonight: two days after a Vikings bill died in a House committee. The DFL-er offered a surprise pledge to revive the plan in the Senate.

“The bill in the Senate is in the Local Government committee, and Sen. Senjem has been having a hard time getting the Republican votes there,” Bakk told Almanac reporter Mary Lahammer. “So I actually told him yesterday that I will put up the majority of the votes to pass the bill in the local government committee, if they can get a hearing scheduled there, to move it onto the Senate tax committee, where it’ll face another pretty tough hurdle.”

Republican Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem wasn’t nearly so effusive about the idea.

When asked by Lahammer whether the Senate would hold another stadium hearing, Senjem responded: “I would believe probably we are, one way or another.”

He said it would be up to Senate Local Government chair Sen. Ray Vandeveer, R-Forest Lake, and stadium bill sponsor Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont.

Senjem also put in a plug for GOP Sen. Roger Chamberlain’s plan to loan the Vikings money for a new stadium rather than subsidizing the project outright.

“People are all of the sudden starting to look at it far more seriously than before,” Senjem said. “There’s a tone in our caucus, let’s take a longer look at that one.”

Senjem said the hearing could still come this week.

  • John

    Ray, What the hell are we going to do when the Vikings go South!

  • John Kysylyczyn

    John, we are going to continue to watch them on TV like we always have because we can’t afford paying $125 a ticket plus $7 for a beer to see them in person.

  • Kenneth

    Yes, we need to see our DFL senators and representatives get behind this. They have accomplished little this term; they’re apparently enjoying being above it all, but keeping the Vikings in Minnesota is pretty basic.

  • Michael

    When will the GOP get over themselves? Stop folding your arms and pushing out your chests and saying NO to EVERYTHING. Thats why nothing gets done here and in Washington DC.

    We need to do our part to keep the Vikings in Minnesota.

  • davidz

    Not everyone believes that it is necessary to keep the Vikings in Minnesota. This was, by all accounts, a pretty good place before the Vikings came in 1960, and I don’t really think that it becomes a worse place if the Vikings are relocated somewhere else.

    In the meantime, I believe that Minnesota values are such that a small portion of the population should be encouraged to pay for the Vikings new stadium – those people that attend the games.

    The rest of the population is not greatly benefitted by a new stadium. Sure, some money spent near the Metrodome now might get spent elsewhere in the state, but it will certainly get spent.

    So, Mr. Dayton and Mr. Bakk, please stop playing to the 1% (where Mr. Wilf certainly is). This “People’s Stadium” idea is nothing but a giveaway of a great deal of the People’s Money to a small group of people who really don’t need it (but will certainly take it if it’s offered). The value proposition does not favor spending nearly a billion dollars.

  • Josh halvorson

    please keep the minnesota vikings in minnesota if you move them minnesota vikings fans would not be happy and it would ruin vikings history forever and im one of the vikings number 1 fan please just keep them in minnesota.

    thank you #1 fan Josh halvorson

  • rust

    Davidz—-I spend seveeral thousand a year in Minnesota when I go watch the Vikes. If they leave, your state will lose!

  • rust

    Davidz—-I spend several thousand a year in Minnesota when I go watch the Vikes. If they leave, your state will lose!