Bachmann concludes Afghanistan trip

WASHINGTON – Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann took a short trip to Afghanistan over the weekend to visit Minnesota troops serving there and to assess the planned U.S. troop drawdown from the region, according to a statement released by Bachmann’s office Sunday evening.

Bachmann also met with the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen. The three-term Congresswoman sits on the House Intelligence Committee and has an interest in national security issues. However, the visit comes as Jim Graves, her DFL opponent in this fall’s elections, has made an issue of Bachmann’s many absences from the district while she pursued the Republican presidential nomination last year.

Bachmann plans to hold a press conference via conference call on Monday morning from Qatar with more information about the visit.

  • Northern123

    Why is Ms. Bachmann wasting taxpayer money flying to Afghanistan? She is so concerned about how money is spent on education and health care, etc.. Think she should also be more cautious in how she is spending our money.

  • kliberty

    Thank you Congresswoman Bachmann! She is doing a very effective job in Congress for MN and the USA. She is one of the hardest working holders of a congressional office. She is back and forth visiting with constituents and business owners throughout her district on a regular basis and her constituents know it. Anyone claiming otherwise is lying. Even when she was running for President, she was taking her constituents’ voice to the nation and the nation needs to hear it.

  • James Hamilton

    There is no need for a member of Congress to travel to Afghanistan, regardless of party affiliation or the committees on which he or she may sit. It’s a waste of resources, both in terms of the money spent and the security services required. Self-serving political junkets likely put the lives of American military and/or security forces at greater risk, for no legitimate reason. Run your campaigns at home, on your own dime and at your own risk.