Senate GOP spends $561 million on bonding bill that focuses mostly on local projects

Senate Republicans have proposed a public works bill that spends $561 million on projects throughout Minnesota. The plan focuses mostly on local projects throughout the state including $39 million for the University of Minnesota. $127 million for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, $30 million for flood mitigation, $25 million for a new building at the Minneapolis Veterans Home and funding for the Hormel Institute, the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester and St. Cloud Civic Center. (Full spreadsheet below)

The Senate also spends dramatically less that House Republicans on renovating the State Capitol. House Republicans are proposing to spend $221 million to renovate the Capitol. The Senate bill spends $25 million.

The House has two bonding bill proposals moving. The $221 million for the State Capitol Renovation and a $280 million borrowing plan for local projects.

The plan is also smaller than Gov. Dayton’s plan that borrows $775 million.

Here’s a breakdown of the projects in the Senate bill ($561 million total cost. State’s general fund obligation is $462m)

University of Minnesota $39,060,000

-$35 million for asset preservation

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities 127,028,000

-$32 million for asset preservation

-$5.9 million for Anoka/Ramsey Community College Coon Rapids

-$13.3 million for workforce program renovation at Minneapolis Technical College

-$26 million for North Hennepin Community College Bioscience and Health Careers Addition

-$13.8 million for lab renovation at Ridgewater College, Willmar

Department of Education 1,000,000

Minnesota State Academies 1,000,000

-Perpich Center for Arts Education 263,000

Natural Resources 56,000,000

-$30 million for flood hazard mitigation

-$6 million to fight invasive species

-$5 million to develop the Lake Vermilion State Park

Pollution Control Agency 5,256,000

Board of Water and Soil Resources 12,000,000

Agriculture 706,000

Rural Finance Authority 33,000,000

Zoological Garden 7,000,000

Administration 35,867,000

-$25 million for State Capitol Renovation

-$5 million for Washburn Center for Children

Amateur Sports 375,000

Military Affairs 25,000,000

-$19.5 million for addition to Camp Ripley

Public Safety 4,037,000

Transportation 43,500,000

-$20m local bridge renovation

-$14.2 million local road improvement grantss

Metropolitan Council 12,850,000

Human Services 2,500,000

Veterans Affairs 29,816,000

-$25.4 million for a Minneapolis Veterans Home building.

Corrections 12,391,000

Employment and Economic Development 77,850,000

-$13.5 million for Hormel Institute

-$10 million for the St. Cloud Civic Center Expansion

-$32 million for Mayo Civic Center Expansion in Rochester

Public Facilities Authority 24,850,000

-$20 million for Wastewater Treatment.

Housing Finance Agency 6,000,000

Minnesota Historical Society 3,250,000

Bond Sale Expenses 560,000

TOTAL $ 561,159,000

Bond Proceeds Fund (General Fund Debt Service) 462,283,000

Bond Proceeds Fund (User Financed Debt Service) 64,676,000

State Transportation Fund Bond Proceeds (General Fund Debt

Service) 34,200,000

Here’s the spreadsheet:

Capital Investment