Hegseth makes campaign for Senate official

Republican Pete Hegseth formally launched a campaign for U.S. Senate against DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Thursday.

At a state Capitol news conference, Hegseth criticized Klobuchar for supporting government bailouts and stimulus spending. Hegseth, 31, is a Minnesota Army National Guard captain who has never before run for office. He says his age and lack of elective office experience should not be factors against him.

“I think a lot of Minnesotans are kind of sick of the folks that have run for office their entire life and have been career politicians and have spent their entire life maneuvering and calculating their way to some higher office,” said Hegseth. “I’ve spent my time in service serving in the military.”

Hegseth has two bronze stars for his military service and recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He says he will abide by the GOP endorsement process. So does former State Rep. Dan Severson, the only other Republican actively campaigning to run against Klobuchar.

Hegseth did not say how much money he thinks he will need to raise for his campaign.

  • Hegseth should have no problem raising money. From his time in “Veterans for Freedom,” Hegseth has developed fiscal relationships with people in the Jewish Republican Coalition, and Raytheon, makers of missiles. Who cares if Senator Klobuchar has supported stimulus spending in her six years? Minnesotans need someone new to bring on our next war so we can watch something new and different on the evening news. Isn’t it time we started focusing on casualty numbers again, and not economic data?

  • Gotta agree that funding should not be a problem … as an author for Koch-funded Center of the American Experiment and his writing for the National Review, Captain Hegseth should not have any problem attracting donors.

    One question that someone should ask Captain Hegseth concerns his assessment of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Presumely, Captian Hegseth must have served with (and possibly for) homosexuals. Captain Hegseth testified at the Kagan confirmation hearing “I do not begrudge Ms. Kagan’s opposition to the socalled

    Don’t ask, don’t tell legislation; reasonable people disagree about this policy.

    Now, that the law has been changed and homosexuals can serve openly, does Captain Hegseth want to see any changes in the DADT policy ?

    Also, Potential CEO-in-Chief Mitt Romney keeps telling voters that we need representatives that have actually worked in the private sector … besides having served in the Massachusetts National Guard and being a graduate of Princeton and Harvard, what work experiences does Captain Hegseth have ?