Hotel developer considering run against Bachmann

Hotel developer Jim Graves is considering running for Congress as a Democrat in Minnesota’s 6th District.

A Graves spokesman said Graves will make an announcement about a possible campaign after the Easter holiday. He said if Graves runs, he will emphasize his track record of job creation.

If Graves chooses to run he will join Brian McGoldrick and Anne Nolan in seeking the DFL endorsement to take on Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Graves does not live in the 6th District, but he grew up there.

Bachmann no longer lives in the district either. Reapportionment sliced off the southeast section of the 6th where Bachmann’s home is and put it in the 4th District.

UPDATE: Here’s a press release from Graves:

Local businessman, Jim Graves, filed an exploratory campaign committee with the FEC earlier today as he considers running against Michele Bachmann in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District as a DFL candidate. Graves, born and raised in St. Cloud, attended St. Paul’s Elementary School, graduated from Cathedral High School and received a B.S. degree at St. Cloud State University. He started his career as a sixth grade teacher at Holy Spirit Elementary (1974-1976).

Graves and wife Julie went on to start a business and raise three sons in St. Cloud. Currently Graves serves as a Trustee at St. Benedict’s College in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

“When I was a kid, growing up on the north side of St. Cloud, attending St. Paul’s Elementary and paying my own tuition at St. Cloud Cathedral High School, I never dreamt that I would live the life I have been so fortunate to live. Now it is my turn to give back. I have created hundreds of jobs, beginning in a make-shift office in my home on the south side of St. Cloud back in 1979,” Graves said.

“The people in the sixth district can count on me to serve as a full-time congressman focusing on creating jobs and rebuilding a sustainable middle class. Rather than seeking constant national limelight, I will focus my energy on issues that affect people’s lives.”

Graves added, “I will be spending the next several days with my family as we will make this important decision together. Everyone can expect an announcement of my decision shortly after Easter.”

  • Cathie Wemlinger

    Great news! I hope you decide to run.

    I support you.