Gerlach not running for reelection

Sen. Chris Gerlach, R-Apple Valley, announced today that he won’t be running for reelection. In a prepared statement, Gerlach cited family considerations as the reason for stepping down.

“While serving in the Legislature is truly an honor and privilege, the family and financial sacrifices are great,” he said. “Now is the time to reassess my personal priorities.”

Gerlach was criticized late last week for how he handled mailings regarding the so-called “Right-to-Work” amendment. His firm was hired to print mailings that targeted Republican senators onr the issue.

Gerlach’s district leans Republican but will be another open seat that Republicans will be forced to defend.

Republicans not running for re-election to the Minnesota Senate:

Chris Gerlach

Gretchen Hoffman (running for Congress)

Doug Magnus

Al DeKruif

Amy Koch

Gen Olson

Geoff Michel

Note: Republican Mike Parry is running for Congress but has not ruled out a run for re-election if he fails to win his party’s endorsement.

DFLers not running for re-election to the MN Senate:

Keith Langseth

Linda Higgins

Endorsement contests:

– Republicans Michelle Benson and Michael Jungbauer were paired in the same district and are battling for the Republican endorsement. Both say they would abide by the party endorsement.

– DFLers John Marty and Mary Jo McGuire were paired and are battling for the DFL endorsement. Marty and McGuire say they’ll abide by the party’s endorsement.

  • Kevin

    He’s NOT retiring because of the issue about the mailings. He’s retiring for all the right reasons, namely that his family and his family’s financial well-being (his business) is more important than politics.

  • OtherKevin

    Right on the heels of the big Right to Work hearing today, that doesn’t raise suspicions about where his bread is buttered. First there was the Koch affair, then the Sviggum’s scandal, now you have Gerlach being paid to pressure his colleagues on right-wing fantasy issues. Corrupt politicians – someone send in the clowns.

  • Eric Ferguson

    We’ll probably never know, but given the suddenness after his scandal erupts, I have a feeling there was more going on. Spend more time with family? Well, he’s not running again, so whatever.