Dayton rips Republicans over constitutional amendments

Gov. Dayton is criticizing Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature for putting measures on the ballot that they couldn’t get signed into law. Speaking at a rally held by the National Association of Social Workers, Minnesota Chapter, Dayton said he doesn’t support the Legislature’s focus on constitutional amendments.

“This is supposed to be the center of democracy for the state of Minnesota,” Dayton said. “That involves the give and take between the legislative branch and the executive branch. It doesn’t mean going around a governor because I can’t veto a constitutional amendment and putting constitutional amendments on the ballot that the DFLers don’t have anything to say about.”

He said he was especially concerned about amendments “that would take away people’s rights.”

Dayton also expressed confidence that Minnesota would be the first state to reject a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

The House and Senate have also each passed a constitutional amendment to require people to present photo identification to vote. A House/Senate conference committee is expected to be appointed to reconcile the differences on the bill. If the House and Senate agree on new language, both chambers would have to vote again on it for it to pass.

Other lawmakers say they’d also like to pass the “right-to-work” constitutional amendment that would make union membership and dues voluntary for all members.

The governor cannot veto constitutional amendments, so the questions would be put on the ballot if the House and Senate pass the legislation.

  • Gretchen Halverson

    Please correct your story to reflect the event is the following: Social Work Day at the Capitol, sponsored by the National ASSOCIATION of Social Workers, MN Chapter (NASW). Thank you.