Bachmannn appeals for campaign cash to fight health care law

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachman is marking the two-year anniversary of the Democratic-led health care overall with another fundraising appeal.

In the e-mail to supporters Bachmann claims to have “spearheaded” congressional efforts to repeal what opponents call “Obamacare,” and she appeals for campaign contributions of $25 or more “to ensure I am re-elected to Congress in order to stand up for every American and fight for our shared conservative values.”

Despite running in a congressional district that is even more conservative as a result of reapportionment, Bachmann says her re-election campaign will not be easy. She also makes it clear she plans to continue to play on the national stage.

“Fighting to repeal Obamacare and defending myself against the relentless attacks from the left is very, very expensive,” Bachmann writes. ” If I’m going to continue to speak out across the country I need your immediate help.”

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