Another DFLer emerges to challenge Bachmann


Democratic small businessman Brian McGoldrick is entering the race for Congress in Minnesota’s 6th District against Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

McGoldrick will announce his candidacy at a State Capitol news conference Thursday morning. He owns a restaurant called Admiral D’s in White Bear Lake.

McGoldrick joins Anne Nolan in the race to challenge Bachmann. Both say they will honor the DFL endorsement and drop out if party insiders choose to back someone else.

The newly configured 6th Congressional District is believed to be even more conservative than it was prior to the latest round of reapportionment which will make a campaign against a Republican there even more difficult for whoever runs as a Democrat.

UPDATE: Anne Nolan says she will only agree to abide by the endorsement if it takes place as scheduled on April 14, 2012.


The McGoldrick campaign sent this response to Nolan’s endorsement clarification, criticizing her for hedging her decision to abide by the endorsement.

“This is a sliver of the waffling leadership that the people of 6th are all too used to after three terms of Michele Bachmann in Congress,” said McGoldrick. “Frankly, the people of Minnesota’s 6th deserve much better. It’s my hope that Anne Nolan will reconsider her position and agree to the endorsement process regardless when the 6th District convention takes place.”

Nolan said she is handling the endorsement the way she is because in a 2006 campaign for the Minnesota House of Representatives she was stung when a convention postponed an endorsement when she was the only candidate. The convention later reconvened and endorsed a newly announced candidate. Nolan says postponing endorsement questions is unfair not only to candidates, but also to delegates.

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