AFP says it hasn’t endorsed Byberg

The non-profit group Americans for Prosperity wants to make this clear: it has not endorsed Lee Byberg for Congress.

Byberg, who is seeking the Republican endorsement to run against 7th District DFL Rep. Collin Peterson, includes Americans for Prosperity under the “Endorsements” section of his website. If you clink on the link, however, it takes you to an empty page.

The national organization, which has an arm in Minnesota, hasn’t endorsed Byberg and doesn’t make a practice of endorsing any candidates.

Here’s what AFP said in a press release:

“Americans for Prosperity does not support or oppose any candidate for public office. Americans for Prosperity educates citizens about economic policy on the state and national level and empowers citizens to be advocates in that process.

Despite multiple attempts by AFP’s attorney over several days to contact Byberg’s campaign to correct Byberg’s claim of endorsement, AFP has received no response.”

The press release concludes:

“Americans for Prosperity calls on Mr. Byberg to immediately cease any current or future representations of an AFP endorsement. No candidate should claim an endorsement that has not been given.”

Back in 2010, when Byberg was running against Peterson, AFP applauded Byberg for signing the group’s “No Climate Tax Pledge,” a promise that Byberg would oppose federal climate change legislation if elected to office.

But the group made clear at the end of the press release that it does not endorse candidates.

Byberg’s website lists other groups he says have endorsed his candidacy, including the 7th District Republicans and Concerned Women Political Action Committee. But both those endorsements are from his 2010 race.

Calls to Byberg were not returned


Byberg spokesman David Strom e-mailed to say that the endorsement listing is in error, and that the only endorsement the campaign is currently seeking is that of the 7th District Republicans.

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