AFL-CIO registers PAC to fight “right-to-work” amendment

Minnesota’s unions have formed We Are Minnesota, a fund meant to raise money to oppose a proposed constitutional amendment that would make union membership and the payment of union dues voluntary for all workers.

A Senate panel approved the “right-to-work” bill last week.

We are Minnesota is backed by “public and private sector workers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, teachers, construction workers, clergy, small business owners, local elected officials, students and your neighbors,” according to the group’s web site.

The committee was registered March 9 with the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board by the Minnesota arm of the AFL-CIO, an organization that represents labor unions.

Minnesota AFL-CIO spokesman Chris Shields would not detail We Are Minnesota’s members, but said that the group will have announcements about support soon.

Shields added that fundraising hasn’t started yet; the group is waiting to see if the Legislature agrees to put the amendment on the ballot this fall, he said.

If it is, Shields said cash would be spent on ads such as this one urging Minnesotans to vote against the amendment.

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