The Daily Digest (House GOP takes on teacher tenure, Vikings stadium deal close, Payroll tax extension vote today)

The Minnesota House passed a bill that would eliminate teacher seniority in Minnesota.

A task force recommends greater oversight for school integration efforts.

Lawmakers are being urged to reverse a pay cut to Personal Care Attendants.

Public safety officials are lining up against the “shoot first” bill.

A northern Minnesota taconite plant has been fined $240,000.

The Pi Press says a health care exchange bill faces long odds at the Capitol.

Vikings Stadium

A deal on the Vikings stadium is expected soon.

The White Earth tribe proposes a metro casino to pay for the stadium.

Same-sex marriage amendment

Minneapolis-area Lutherans weigh the marriage amendment.


The U.S. unemployment applications dropped to a 4-year low.

AP says the political passion for small business job creation is overblown.

General Motors reported a record $7.6 billion profit in 2011.


The House and Senate may vote as early as today on a payroll tax cut extension.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson discussed the payroll tax cut holiday extension with MPR.

Congress debated a requirement that contraception coverage be provided.

Several female members of Congress walked out of the hearing because no woman were scheduled to testify at the hearing.

Congress is considering auctioning off the public airwaves.

The House voted to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

DFL Sen. Al Franken and other Democratic Senators are calling on the IRS to investigate non-profits dealing in politics. The group is targeting Karl Rove’s American Crossroads PAC.

House Republicans push a plan to update the federal education law. GOP Rep. John Kline is leading the efforts.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum grilled Interior Secretary on a Stillwater bridge proposal.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz is pushing for a conference committee to be appointed on the STOCK Act.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen discussed President Obama’s budget plan and free trade with MPR.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison says remittances with Somalia are still an issue.

Race for Congress

Republicans Mike Parry and Allen Quist woo Tea Party voters in Rochester.

Race for President

Rick Santorum challenges Mitt Romney in a Michigan speech.

Both Santorum and Romney defended their opposition to the auto bailouts during campaign stops in Michigan.

The Washington Post says Romney, who ripped Santorum on earmarks, received federal subsidies too.

President Obama’s campaign weighs whether to target Santorum.

AP says Romney is taking a harsh tone when it comes to foreign countries.

Santorum released his tax returns.

AP says Santorum’s views are out of step with public opinion on birth control, women in combat, abortion and women in the workplace.

Women’s advocacy groups criticized a major financial backer of Santorum’s campaign for his comments regarding birth control.


Anthony Shadid, a New York Times correspondent, died while on assignment in Syria.


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  • Ralph Crammedin

    The Minnesota House passed a bill that would eliminate teacher seniority in Minnesota.

    Public safety officials are lining up against the “shoot first” bill.

    Having demonstrated they can’t even run the Legislature competently, Minnesota Republicans now decide they need to butt in, and screw up education and public safety, too. The Looney Toons™ GOP can’t get kicked out of office fast enough.