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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where we get reaction to Datyon’s State of the State speech, Congress has a deal to extend the payroll tax cut, and Santorum campaigned in Fargo.

Around Minnesota

Last night, Gov. Mark Dayton gave his annual State of the State speech. He asked the GOP to back his jobs proposals.

Here’s what Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem had to say about the speech:

“We weren’t called incompetent to govern or anything like that, so that kind of rhetoric was absent and thank goodness it was,” Senjem said. “I think he extended a spirit of cooperation to us, and we’ll certainly reach back to him and certainly work with him towards a successful session.”

Other Republicans reacted, too.

On the eve of the event, MPR found that voters are disappointed in the Legislature and the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Department of Human Services defended their support of the release of a sex offender.

A House committee approved a bill to streamline environmental review and permitting.

In the Senate, lawmakers approved a constitutional amendment that would require a photo identification to vote.

The White Earth Tribe wants to partner with the state to build a metro-area casino that would help pay for a new Vikings stadium, the Star Tribune reports.

St. Louis County residents are questioning whether the same company that recommended reconstruction of the area’s schools should also profit from the subsequent work.

In Washington

Congress has a deal on the payroll tax cut extension.

Rep. Erik Paulsen talked about extension with All Things Considered.

Farm lobbyists worry that subsidies will be a harder sell this year in cash-strapped Congress.

Rep. Michele Bachmann says she won’t be on Dancing with the Stars.

Around the Nation

President Barack Obama called for tax cuts for manufacturers at a padlock plant in Milwaukee.

China’s Vice President made a visit to Iowa.

International News

Facing potential sanctions, Iran threatens to cut off oil to European buyers.

The New York Times writes Iranian leaders are “responding frantically, and with increasing unpredictability” to sanctions.

On the Campaign Trail

Rick Santorum was in Fargo last night. Instead of going after his primary rivals, he went after Obama saying, “I’m going to go around this country and remind Americans they need a president who believes in them.”

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are in an ad war in Michigan.

Romney is going all-in in Michigan, a state his supporters say he must win to slow Santorum’s surge.

The Texas primary may be delayed because of a redistricting battle there.

Newt Gingrich won’t release documents pertaining to the 1990s House Ethics Committee’s investigation into his conduct as speaker.

Santorum released four years of tax returns Wednesday night.

In Minnesota, the Teamsters are backing Democrat Rick Nolan’s bid for the 8th Congressional District seat.

The race for North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad’s seat won’t as easy as Republicans thought.

  • Molly

    Why lead with “reaction” to the state of the state? Isn’t the framing speech by the Governor of the state (one of the most popular in the country according to MinnPost but you wouldn’t know that my listening to MPR’s limited coverage) worthy of a quote from the Governor? All slant and rant in this item.