The Daily Digest (MN is ready for the GOP closeup, Obama winning head to head against Romney, House to vote on STOCK Act)

Minnesota’s precinct caucuses matter to the Republican candidates for president.

Three of the four Republican candidates for president will be in Minnesota today. Rick Santorum will give a health care speech in Rochester. Ron Paul will hold events in St. Cloud and Minneapolis and Newt Gingrich will hold a rally in St. Paul. CNN reports that Mitt Romney was going to visit today but decided to campaign in Colorado instead. Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former United National Ambassador John Bolton will hold a rally for Mitt Romney today.

A new poll says Minnesota’s caucuses are a toss-up.

AP says Minnesota’s rightward drift challenges Romney.

Santorum made an appearance at an Eden Prairie mega church on Sunday and campaigned in Bemidji.

Ron Paul campaigned in Minnesota on Saturday.

Former MNGOP Chair Chris Georgacas is backing Paul’s campaign.

Romney also announced support from some Minnesota politicians.

Romney won Nevada on Saturday.

Gingrich says he’s staying in the race.

Romney split with Brett O’Donnell.


As the GOP candidates criss-cross the country, President Obama told a national audience that he deserves a second term.

A Washington Post ABC News poll says Obama’s approval rating is at 50 percent and he’s winning a head to head against Romney.

The New York Times says Obama’s team is always watching Romney for flubs.

Under the Dome

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota is targeting some of its closest conservative allies in the Legislature over Racino.

A civilly committed sex offender has won provisional release.

Gov. Dayton wrote an op-ed saying he hopes the session gets better.

Dayton also pledged support for more funding for the Hwy 101 river crossing.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem says the Senate is keeping a watch list on two of Dayton’s appointments.

GOP Sen. David Hann knocks Gov. Dayton over the spending of federal health funds.

Senate Democrats are pushing for more info on the decision to hire an outside legal firm over a potential lawsuit involving former staffer Michael Brodkorb.

Same-sex marriage debate

The marriage amendment will be discussed at precinct caucuses.

Vikings Stadium

You’re not alone if you’re dizzy from the characterizations of stalling and fast-track deals regarding the stadium stalling and fast-tracks.

Yet another Vikings Stadium plan may be rolled out this week.

The Star Tribune says another plan is on the fast-track.

This comes just days after reports that a deal on a stadium was in trouble because lawmakers were concerned about Gov. Dayton’s tone. For the record, no stadium bill has been introduced yet.


President Obama said diplomacy is the preferred solution on Iran but didn’t rule out military force.

A deal is closer on a U.S. plan for mortgage relief.

General Motors is hoping for a $10 billion profit.

Unemployment reached a three year low sending the stock market soaring.

Egypt plans to prosecute 19 Americans as part of a probe involving funding for pro-Democracy groups.

Violence in Syria continues.

The decision to extend the payroll tax cut has splintered the GOP.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz’ STOCK Act will get a vote next week.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann ditched her long-time staffer and political adviser.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack is pushing legislation to help northeastern Minnesota mines.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    GOP Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem says the Senate is keeping a watch list on two of Dayton’s appointments.

    What is wrong with David Senjem? The DFL thought they finally had a GOP leader they could work with. So how does he kick off his Senate leadership? He 1) slashes the DFL staff budget w/o touching the GOP budget, 2) ringmasters the takedown of Gov Dayton’s highly qualified PUC chair, 3) declares a taxpayer-funded coverup of the Koch-Brodkorb affair, and 4) announces a hit list of Dayton appointees.

    David, if your intent is to make Democrats pine for Amy Koch, you’re doing a good job. If your intent is to encourage payback after payback, whenever the DFL has the power and the opportunity, you’ve probably already succeeded.