The Daily Digest (Union battle coming, Anderson picks up two key backers, Presidential hopefuls to visit MN)

Republicans start their push for a constitutional amendment that outlaws mandatory union membership. They held a news conference on Thursday to announce that they were introducing a bill.

Tidbit: Union activists believe there are at least ten solid no votes in the House Republican caucus right now. Some others have approached the Speaker of the House to ask him not to allow a floor vote on the amendment.

Plans have been approved for conservation projects.

In a rare move, the state shut down a child care center.

Iron Range Democrats are seeking money to develop the Lake Vermilion park.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis will lead Gov. Dayton’s group that will examine state aid to cities.

Democrats in the Minnesota Senate are pressing Republican leaders for more information about their preparations for a potential lawsuit alleging wrongful termination.

AP says former staffer Michael Brodkorb’s chances of winning a lawsuit against the Senate would be slim.

Rolling Stone profiles the problems with Anoka-Hennepin schools.

Vikings Stadium

The electronic pull-tab plan has a higher projected take.


U.S. officials are concerned about Israel’s statements on Iran.

A Swiss bank has been indicted by the U.S. on fraud charges.

The Senate passed the STOCK act. It will also get a vote in the U.S House after GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor relented to public pressure. DFL Rep. Tim Walz is the chief backer of the bill in the House.

At a national prayer breakfast, President Obama said his politics are an extension of his religion.

The White House is proposing a plan that they say will lure jobs to the U.S.

Republicans in the House are working to repair their image.

Republicans went after Attorney General Eric Holder in a hearing.

DFL Sen. Al Franken is asking Komen to reconsider their decision regarding ending funds for Planned Parenthood.

Update: DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar also wrote a letter asking Komen to reconsider.

American Crystal Union will fight the U.S. sugar program.

The Labor Department backs off a new limit on child farm labor.

The Star Tribune reports that behind the scenes efforts to get a new Congressional map has fallen short among Minnesota’s delegation. Read the last graph first. It’s not happening and didn’t have much chance to begin with since those who had the power to make it happen in St. Paul didn’t even know about it. The courts drop the map on Feb. 21.

Race for Congress

Two people with knowledge of the endorsements say Duluth Mayor Don Ness and DFL state Rep. Tom Rukavina will back Jeff Anderson’s bid for Congress today.

The DFL candidates in the 3rd District will participate in an online debate today at 11am.

Race for U.S. Senate

The GOP candidates met in Two Harbors.


Hubbard Broadcasting gave $100,000 to Karl Rove’s Super PAC.

Funny men (and women) gave to Franken.

Norm Coleman and Vin Weber’s Super PAC raised $130,000.

Race for President

Donald Trump backs Mitt Romney.

Romney is also working to contain his comments regarding the “poor.” He said he “misspoke.”

Ron Paul will campaign in Minnesota on Saturday and Monday.

Rick Santorum will be in Bemidji on Sunday.

House Speaker Kurt Zellers and GOP House Majority Leader Matt Dean will back Romney.

  • FYI : Senator Klobuchar wrote a letter directly to Ambassador Brinker citing her work with the organization on Senator Kobuchar’s EARLY Act and requested that Komen reconsider their decision.

    Considering the attention that this subject is getting, people may be wondering where Senator Klobuchar is. By not including her letter along with Senator Franken’s letter may be misinforming people … should MPR update or issue a special posting ?

  • tom scheck

    I must have missed that. Thanks. Just added.

  • John O.

    //Union activists believe there are at least ten solid no votes in the House Republican caucus right now. (emphasis added)

    Once any or all of the 10 are identified, leadership will get them back in line by vividly reminding them what happened to most of the “Override Six.” Rep. Abeler (I believe) is the only remaining member of that group still in office.

    It is going to be interesting to see how many of these questions make it onto the ballot. Add to that all of the national, state and local elections taking place this year and you wonder what the physical size of the ballot (ballots?) is/are going to be. Or will ballots be printed in really, REALLY small type?

  • Just read the MPR online DFL-03 forum … THANKS for hosting it … I hope that constituents in the Third District take the time to read it.

    Good job, MPR !