Redistricting Roundup: McFarlane forces Dean to make a choice

Rep. Carol McFarlane, R-White Bear Lake, announced on Sunday night that she’s running for reelection. Her decision puts House Majority Leader Matt Dean, R-Dellwood, in a difficult position. Dean, the second highest member of the Minnesota House, now has to decide whether he wants to challenge a member of his party to come back to the Minnesota House.

The new political boundaries paired McFarlane and Dean in the same district. McFarlane hedged on whether she would run for reelection until today. She emphasized that she represents the bulk of the new district.

“The new district (HD38B) retains approx. 80% of what was HD53B which I have had the honor of serving for 3 terms,” McFarlane wrote in a statement. “The new House district will add Precinct 1 in North Oaks, Dellwood and some of Hugo. When I served on the White Bear Lake Area School Board (2000-2006), I represented many of the Hugo residents from the new district.”

Dean has not said whether he would run for reelection in the current district, move into a new district, run for a different office or retire.

McFarlane wasn’t the only incumbent who made a decision over the weekend.

Sen. Al DeKruif, R-Madison Lake, announced tonight that he wasn’t going to challenge Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont. Rosen announced last week that she would run for reelection when the maps were released last week. DeKruif, who was paired with Rosen under the new map, said he won’t challenge Rosen. He said in a statement that he may move into a new district.

“I have always felt that a senator or representative belongs to a district and it’s citizens, rather than the opposite,” DeKruif said in a statement. “Because I will have to make a significant change for my family, I want to make sure its right. Regardless of the outcome, I’m proud of the work I’ve done for and with my constituents.”

DeKruif told MPR News last week that it was unlikely that he would move into a new district.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party Chair for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District announced on Saturday that he’s running for the Minnesota House. David Fitzsimmons said he’s running in House District 30B.

“As a proud conservative I will work tirelessly to represent this district with strong convictions based on the beliefs of life, liberty and smaller government. My vision is to make Minnesota government limited and less intrusive to create a stronger environment for Minnesota job growth.”

Fitzsimmons was also the campaign manager for Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor.

  • Mark

    They all sound like a bunch of career politicians. Disgusting. When will people wake up and realize this is why we have problems. At least at the local level we need to elect people who aren’t entrenched in party politics. That goes for Republicans and Democrats.