Klobuchar sends own letter to Komen on Planned Parenthood controversy

WASHINGTON – DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar has sent her own letter to the Susan G. Komen Foundation expressing concern about the group’s decision this week the end funding to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening programs.

Critics of the decision say Komen gave in to pressure from groups opposed to legal abortion that have sought to weaken Planned Parenthood’s funding in the past year. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States.

“I believe this decision is counter to the goals of Komen’s mission of protecting women’s health and I urge you to reconsider your decision,” wrote Klobuchar to Komen CEO Nancy Brinker.

DFL Sen. Al Franken signed a letter sent by 25 other Democratic Senators also expressing concern that the decision was politically motivated.

Here’s a copy of Klobuchar’s letter.

  • Carly Fischbeck

    I sincerely hope this decision is reconsidered. In 2005, my aunt died of a very rare form of breast cancer. It was because of the support available from different organizations that she was able to be diagnosed and to fight this disease for two years. I cannot believe that some women may not get the same opportunity she did for support, love, treatment and protection simply because it would be coming from Planned Parenthood rather than another organization.

    I have always been a proud supporter of Susan G. Komen, and have found the annual Race for the Cure a place of love and support for my family. This year, I will still race, but I’m not so sure I’ll be able to find that same support – not if 750,000 other women won’t be able to.

  • d pardo

    Our family will NOT be able to support Komen until this is resolved. I am one of 6 daughters in my family and both organizations have impacted our lives.

    I am very disappointed in the wrong minded decision on their behalf.

  • Sharon M. Anderson

    I am a 48-year-old woman with a college degree. My first-ever breast exam was performed by a Planned Parenthood nurse back in 1984. I was young, broke, and the only way I could have a yearly checkup was to visit Planned Parenthood. It’s a clinic, and people need to realize that, plain and simple.

  • Linda LeBoutillier

    So many women have nowhere to go for health care because they have no insurance, so they turn to Planned Parenthood when the need is critical. This is one of the few places where they can get a cancer screening. It’s important to give women every chance to get those screenings.

  • richard

    Komen: Allowing poor women to die of cancer 1 breast at at time.

  • Sean Dawson

    I don’t know why these people are so upset. Komen will still fund breast cancer screenings, they just will do so with a partner whose goals don’t include controversial items which have nothing to do with breast cancer. I have a feeling the sceamers could care less if the money will be allocated to screenings, which it will, and more about how their favorite abortion mill won’t get any of it. Regardless of this, komen will continue to do good work. To call it “right wing” political decision is ridiculous. If anything they are becoming less political by backing away from obviously controversial political organizations like PP.

  • Jim Zien

    Fresh Komen motto: “Pink is the New Yellow.”

  • mike o’neill

    Komen claims the move is not political, but just meeting current standards – ceasing funding for orgs under any sort of gov’t investigation. curious why Penn State’s funding has not ceased. they are, after all under investigation by local and state authorities in PA.

    i would loved to have been a bug on that wall when this decision was green-lit.

    it does not seem that much critical thinking was applied.

    good luck Komen – you may need it.

  • Jim Zien

    Fresh Komen motto: Pink is the New Yellow.

  • George Macaulay

    When will the Komen folks understand that abortion is much more important than silly old breast cancer? They need to stop worrying about breast cancer research or prevention and give more money to PP.

  • jon

    excuse me this is a free country they have the right too choose their causes on where their money goes amy kloubchar

  • Sarah

    For those who are saying that planned parenthood is the only place to get free breast exams – first of all you are misinformed. Second, Planned Parenthood does NOT perform mammograms. NOT a single one. Why would Komen, a breast cancer organization, give money to another organization that can’t even perform this most important screening for breast cancer? Makes no sense, even apart from the whole abortion issue.

  • Sarah Too

    For the commenter who said people are misinformed:

    You need to understand that mammography is a radiology service. People can’t walk into their general practioner or OB-GYN’s office and get a mammogram, either.

    They provide SCREENINGS and breast exams, and they refer to the radiology service that can provide mammography if necessary. If you went to a regular clinic to a primary care doctory, you’d still have to get a referral to have the actual procedure done, they would perform a screening and a tactile exam.

    Mammograms are not the only tool used to detect breast cancer. Please do a bit more looking into the subject before you completely dismiss what PP or other clinics actually do. As a woman whose grandmother survived breast cancer, and whose mother had a close call with it as well – I’m a bit flabbergasted at how little people really know, that they think mammography is the only thing going on.

  • nate

    Senator Klobuchar continually disappoints me. Yes, she sent a letter. But, she would have been far more credible to sign on with the joint communication of other members of the Senate. Instead, she waits to see which way the wind is blowing and then, at the last moment, writes a letter in a vain attempt to act like a leader. Thank God Al Franken had courage from the outset. Klobuchar? Not so much!

  • Linda Conway Bertrand

    I’ve never understood why Planned Parenthood has become synonymous with abortion anyway; they do so much more for womens healthcare which anti-abortion people like to dismiss. Less than 3% of what they do relates to abortion- let’s recognize them for the other 97% of what they do that has contributed so positively to the health of women in the US. And let’s not discount the value of manual breast exam; a first line in detection and very cost effective part of managing breast health.