Former MN Republican Party Chair backs Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s campaign for president announced today that former Republican Party Chair Chris Georgacas is backing the Texas Congressman’s campaign.

“In my many years in politics, I have learned that most candidates talk about small government and personal freedom, only to turn around and work for the exact opposite after election,” Georgacas said in a statement. “But there is one man who is an exception to this depressing rule — and that’s Ron Paul. He has been thoroughly consistent to his principles throughout his service in Congress. What Ron Paul says exactly matches what he believes and what he does.”

Georgacas was chair of the Minnesota Republican Party from 1993 to 1997. He is also an active fundraiser for Republican candidates and Republican causes. He chaired Tim Pawlenty’s first campaign for governor in 2002 and Tom Emmer’s unsuccessful campaign for governor in 2010.

He also directs Minnesotans for a Fair Redistricting, the non-profit group that is raising money for the Republican Party’s redistricting efforts in Minnesota.

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