DFL debt deeper than disclosed in December

The DFL Party is facing a debt of $581,000. That’s about $350,000 more than what DFL Party Chair Ken Martin told reporters late last year.

Martin acknowledged that party’s books show a deeper debt than what he disclosed in December. He said his initial figure was aimed at the $750,000 in red ink he’s been erasing since he took the top job in February of 2011. Martin said he doesn’t consider the additional red ink debt because the party has a plan to pay it off.

“It would be unfair to say the party is $581,000 in debt,” Martin said. “Some of that has been paid. Some of that is in the process of being paid. The stuff that’s old debt, that’s been on the books for many years, is about $250,000.”

Martin said a large part of the debt comes from legal fees for redistricting work. For example, the party owes the Washington D.C. based Perkins Cole law firm $110,000. Martin said they plan to pay that legal bill quickly.

The DFL Party is paying its attorneys through the party’s campaign account.

Republicans set up a separate fund to pay for their redistricting efforts. Officials representing the group called Minnesotans for a Fair Redistricting say they will not disclose their bills or fundraising activity.

Minnesota Republican Party officials said in December that the GOP has a debt that could be as high as $2 million.

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