Dayton suggests there’s always OT for stadium solution

Gov. Mark Dayton says he’ll make a Vikings stadium deal a priority next year if it doesn’t pass this session. Dayton says he’s still committed to seeking passage this year but in an interview with MPR News he said he’s upset that a financing plan isn’t in place yet. He said he wants the Legislature to vote on the measure this session but suggested it will be a priority regardless of the outcome.

“If we don’t get it this session, I intend to bring it up next session and I’m optimistic we’ll get it then,” Dayton said. “I tell people that we’ll get it this year or we’ll get it next year.”

The legislation has been stymied by a failure to get a financing plan in place. Minneapolis city officials are squabbling over whether there’s enough support for a plan to build the stadium in that city. Ramsey County officials came forward with another plan today that relies on stadium-related taxes and fees. MPR’s Tim Nelson covered that story today and you can read it here.

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