Bachmann camp says it has no plans to endorse Romney

UPDATE: Statement from Congresswoman Bachmann:

“Let me be absolutely clear — there are absolutely no negotiations between me and the Romney campaign regarding any pending endorsement of Governor Romney. I continue to speak with all the candidates and plan on uniting behind the presumptive nominee. The Boston Globe article today is completely false and I call on the Globe to retract their article.”

Original post:

A spokesman for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is shooting down speculation that Bachmann might endorse former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

“There is no truth to any of the rumors that Mrs. Bachmann is going to endorse Romney today or in he near future,” said Bachmann political advisor Guy Short.

Short said Bachmann is not in Minnesota today and that, “there are no negotiations going on between her and the Romney campaign.”

Bachmann dropped out of the presidential race in early January after a poor finish in the Iowa causes. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the in mid-August, and then endorsed Romney in mid-September. Since then Pawlenty has been campaigning for Romney.

Pawlenty is set to appear with Romney early Wednesday afternoon at a business in Eagan.

  • Mark

    I’m sure Mitt is on the edge of his seat in anticipation.