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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where the state Senate rejected Dayton’s PUC pick, the death of a wind energy tax credit could be bad for the state’s industry, and a liberal super PAC is targeting Cravaack.

Around Minnesota

The Senate rejected Ellen Anderson as chief of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

Gov. Mark Dayton is not pleased.

Former Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb has hired another lawyer. The Senate has hired counsel as well.

The Star Tribune has a story on Brodkorb, too.

MPR looks at education issues likely to come up this legislative session.

DFL Rep. Joe Atkins will introduce a bill to establish a health care insurance exchange.

Dayton and the Legislature are headed for conflict on the exchanges.

Minnesota Majority says the state must do a better jobs of telling felons they can’t vote while on parole or probation, MPR reports.

Rep. Mark Murdock won’t seek a third term.

A pro-St. Croix bridge group says a survey of area residents support a new structure.

Ex-offenders will be at the Capitol to push for job application changes.

Today at 2:30: Mayor Chris Coleman and Council President Lantry will meet with Dayton to outline concerns with stadium plans.

Around the Nation

Newly elected Republican governors are moderating their tone, the New York Times reports. Gov. Scott Walker is mentioned.

In Colorado, a lawsuit is challenging voter control of the state’s budgeting process, the New York Times reports.

Income grew .5 percent in less than a year.

In Washington

If Congress declines to renew the production tax credit for wind energy, the industry will suffer in 2013.

Republican lawmakers want to eliminate the state income tax.

Rep. Michele Bachmann hasn’t decided if she’ll endorse a candidate.

Rep. Betty McCollum supports Xcel Energy in its bid to change EPA rules for coal-fired power plants, the Pioneer Press reports.

Money and Politics

A liberal super PAC is targeting Rep. Chip Cravaack.

Rep. Erik Paulsen has $1 million, Politics in Minnesota reports.

On the Campaign Trail

Today is the Florida primary.

Polls show Romney leading there.

Romney and Newt Gingrich are keeping up the heated attacks.

Gingrich outlined his agenda for his first day in the White House.

Rick Santorum was in Minnesota Monday night.

Romney will be here Wednesday.

Santorum’s youngest child, Bella, who is ill, has become a focal point in her father’s campaign.

  • Did any media attend, or report on :

    1. Representative John Kline Town Hall. Start: January 30, 2012 6:30 am; End: January 30, 2012 8:00 pm. Venue: Shakopee Junior High School

    2. Potential Commander-in-Chief Rick Santorum’s visit to Luverne’s Pizza Ranch … word was that they were expecting 300 people and the Rock County Republican Chairman.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Deeply enmeshed in Greed, Pride and Lust, the Republican Senate adds Wrath to its sins. Coming up: Sloth, Envy and Gluttony.

  • Catharine Richert

    Minnesota Central: Not sure on #1, but see link in above Digest for MPR’s coverage of the Santorum event.

  • Minnesota Central

    Hi Catharine,

    THANKS for reading my question and responding.

    The hyperlink on the Santorum story went to a Strib story on Mr. Brodkorb …

    FYI : KEYC-TV in Mankato sent a camera crew to Luverne and had a soundbyte of potential President Santorum speaking … also, the event was moved to the local theatre to handle the crowd.

    BTW … you, and your team, do a great job on the Daily Digest as well as your PoliGraph reports. THANKS for your efforts.

    Mac Hall

  • Catharine Richert

    Mac, thanks for the heads up! My bad. I’ve updated the link to our Santorum story.

    Happy reading.