The Daily Digest (Constitutional Amendmantapolooza, Dayton’s State of the State, Florida looms)

MPR says supporters of a measure that would allow union membership and union dues to be voluntary are praising a new report. The group is hoping to put the question to the voters in the form of a constitutional amendment.

GOP lawmakers introduced a constitutional amendment that would require people to show photo identification to vote.

The key question is how many of the constitutional amendment proposals will reach the ballot. There have been roughly 25 proposed in the House alone.

Gov. Dayton will deliver the State of the State address at 7pm on Feb. 15.

MPR says Dayton is pushing for transportation projects this session.

A bill that would allow prosecutors to carry firearms was approved by a House Committee.

A Minnesota House panel hears testimony over a wolf hunt. The hearing comes after the DNR has officially taken over wolf management.

A plan in the Legislature would divert money from school districts to charter schools.

A study linking PFCs to impaired immunity in kids draws the attention of the Minnesota Health Department.

The cost of the state government shutdown is still climbing.

Vikings Stadium

The Minneapolis City Council gives Mayor Rybak’s stadium plan a chilly reception.

The Pi Press says stadium bill will likely include money from electronic pull-tabs.

The NFL could also block the Vikings stay at TCF stadium.


The Pentagon is scheduled to make budget cuts next year which would limit raises and close bases.

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on an insider trading bill next week.

Al Franken records a web video supporting marriage equality.

Franken has joined conservatives to change controversial detainee language.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen says Congress will take up a bill that will repeal the medical device tax.

DFL:Rep. Keith Ellison will co-sponsor legislation capping Stafford loan rates.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has been named as a witness in a lawsuit in Tennessee.

Race for Legislature

GOP Sen. Gen Olson confirms that she’ll retire.

Race for U.S. Senate

The National Journal released a list of the top U.S. Senate races to watch. Minnesota’s Senate race doesn’t even crack the Top 20.

Race for President

A Public Policy Polling poll says President Obama leads Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in Minnesota.

President Obama pushed a clean energy theme in Nevada.

The GOP candidates debated in Florida. Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney sparred over immigration, consulting and the moon.

Rick Santorum hammered Mitt Romney on health care.

Politico says Newt pulled some punches.

Mitt Romney’s tax returns have funds that were not identified in his ethics form.

His campaign says he will now amend his disclosure forms.

Newt Gingrich reveals his income but not how he earned it.

Drudge and the conservative media are orchestrating Gingrich.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen endorsed Mitt Romney for president.