The Daily Digest (Huntsman out, Norm’s Super PAC and Archbishop works to silence dissenting priests)

The Star Tribune is reporting that the Archbishop is warning clergy that there should be no “open dissent” to the same sex marriage issue.

Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chair of Carlson Companies, wrote an op-ed urging Minnesota’s to vote against the amendment.

Some activists in the Asian community are working against the amendment.

Under the Dome

Gov. Dayton will release his bonding bill proposal tomorrow.

A citizen lobbyist wants the Legislature to be more open.

The Star Tribune says the state’s Native American tribes are ramping up to defeat any measure that expands gambling in Minnesota.

The Minnesota DNR is seeking higher fishing license and hunting license fees.

DFL Sen. Gary Kubly is battling ALS as he enters his last year in the Legislature.

GOP Sen. Mike Parry told a group of locally elected officials that he doen’t see a constitutional amendment that would require a super majority of the Legislature to enact a tax increase into law “happening.”

The Star Tribune quotes GOP Speaker Kurt Zellers as saying the amendment is “important to me.”

Vikings Stadium

The Pi Press says the issue is now up to state lawmakers.


GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack visited Park Rapids last week.

Race for Congress

MPR says Norm Coleman’s Super PAC could influence the races for Congress.

Race for President

Jon Huntsman will quit the race today and will back Mitt Romney.

Evangelical Christians rally around Rick Santorum’s candidacy.

The New York Times says Evangelical Christians’ unease with Romney is theological.

AP does a fact check on the King of Bain movie and finds it is presenting suspect information.

Rick Perry defends the marines who are accused or urintating on Afghan corpses.

Pawlenty on Penn State

Tim Pawlenty sent a note to PA Gov. Tom Corbett that recommended the law firm, Robins, Caplan, Miller and Ciresi during the Penn State scandal.

Final note

It’s Midday host Gary Eichten’s final week before he retires at MPR. The Pi Press does a good job profiling him.

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