Senate GOP hires Matzek as chief of staff

Republicans in the Minnesota Senate have filled a key position in advance of the 2012 session, which begins Jan. 24.

The Senate GOP caucus announced today that interim chief of staff Kevin Matzek will take over the job on a full time basis. Majority Leader Dave Senjem, R-Rochester, praised Matzek in a news release.

“Kevin is a proven leader and has earned the respect and trust of the members and staff who work with him every day,” Senjem said. “He is an outstanding individual with extensive legislative and political experience. We are excited to announce his official status as Chief of Staff, and we look forward to his continued contributions to the Senate Republican Caucus and the State of Minnesota.”

Matzek previously served as legislative director for the Senate GOP caucus. He replaces Cullen Sheehan, who resigned last fall to work as a lobbyist.

  • Just curious, does there seem to be a high turnover or is that normal ?

    Some recent job opennings include :

    – Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analyst

    – Legislative assistant for theSecretary of the Senate – Senate Desk – Engrossing with a starting pay of $15.52 per hour

    – Executive Assistant to the Majority Caucus

    Funny thing is that Congress based the Federal Budget on using attrition to reduce federal employees and enacting wage freezes … is the Minnesota Senate following the same philosophy … are they consolidating jobs so that new employees do not have to be hired ? ? ?

    And are the new employees being hired in at lower wages than the terminated employees ?

    As a taxpayer, I am aghast that the Senate Spokesman was paid in excess of $90,000 (plus benefits) when our elected legislators only recieve roughly a third of that wage.