Santorum to campaign in Luverne, MN on Monday

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum will be campaigning in Minnesota this week. The former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting at a Pizza Ranch in Luverne, MN.

Santorum’s trip comes one day before the Florida primary. He has decided to stop campaigning in that state and start campaigning in other states. He’s making campaign stops in Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado and Nevada over the next two days. Santorum took a break from campaigning over the weekend to be with his child in a Philadelphia hospital.

Santorum is the first candidate to make a campaign stop in Minnesota in the lead up to Minnesota’s Feb. 7 precinct caucuses. Texas Congressman Ron Paul made a stop in the state in November.

Minnesota’s precinct caucuses are not expected to garner a ton of attention from the presidential hopefuls. That’s because the party’s straw poll is nonbinding, which means delegates at the Republican National Convention do not have to stick with the decisions that are made during the state’s straw poll.

Here are the details of Monday’s visit:

7:30pm CT: Senator Santorum will host a town hall meeting in Luverne, MN.


Pizza Ranch

110 East Main Street

Luverne, MN

  • mz tallulah bankhead

    Should we be seeing any glitter, darling.

  • I am dumfounded … nothing against Luverne — as they might have the best Pizza Ranch in the country — but how much exposure can a Presidential candidate get there ?

    Is there some mega-millionaire looking to make a big donation to his campaign ?

    He just did a tele-town hall with Minnesotans the other day … did he mention that he was coming ?

    Senator Santorum was scheduled to be the Boca Raton Synagogue this morning for a candidate forum organized by the Orthodox Union … understandbly with his daughter’s health, that he would skip that but instead he is going to a community college in Cottleville, MO this afternoon and then on to Minnesota.

    IMO, this is a “lost” campaign that is reacting rather than planning and executing.

    Is MPR going to send a team to cover this story … if so, I hope they identify how many people who are there just for a normal meal versus specifically attending a Rick Santorum campaign event.

  • tkpol

    Go Rick. He has good policy with a record to back it up, and no personal or political waffling baggage.

  • I’m disappointed that I missed Rick, I would have made the long drive to hear him. A man of strong faith & values, a man of integrity and a plan to get this country on the right track. He is just what this country needs right now.