Ron Paul campaign to make ‘substantial’ ad buy in MN

WASHINGTON – Even as all eyes are on tomorrow’s Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, Texas Rep. Ron Paul has set his sights on Minnesota, where his campaign plans a “substantial” TV ad purchase ahead of the state’s caucuses on Feb. 7. Paul’s campaign is also buying ads in Nevada which holds its caucus on Feb. 4.

The heavy metal-themed ad entitled, “Big Dog,” asks, “What’s up with these sorry politicians? Lots of bark but when it’s showtime, whimpering like little shih tzus.”

Unlike his GOP rivals, Paul’s campaign strategy is to accumulate delegates loyal to him at this summer’s Republican convention by performing well in caucuses. Paul has an army of devoted supporters who he’s hoping will turn out and support his insurgent candidacy.

In contrast, other candidates such as Mitt Romney are hoping to secure the nomination by winning big in primaries, which often feature winner-take-all delegates.

“Running ads in the key early voting states of Nevada and Minnesota is part of our delegate strategy to secure the Republican nomination. Both states present opportunities for a strong top-three showing in their upcoming caucuses,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

  • Nathanael Greene

    In God We Trust

    Ron Paul for President

  • I from the old school … RADIO … especially afternoon radio … Nixon’s election in 1968 can be attributed to his use of afternoon radio (prior to the Rush/Beck/Hannity/Ingraham era) when women would listen as well as working men.

    I have heard Newt Gingrich-favored PAC Winning Our Future running commercials on afternoon radio. One of the commercials features the words of Michele Bachmann ( I wrote about it on MN Political Roundtable) giving the impression to the listener that Congresswoman Bachmann is supporting Gingrich.

    Let’s remember that the MN-GOP straw poll winner in 2007 was Gingrich and the 2008 caucus winner was not Pawlenty’s candidate John McCain but instead was Mitt Romney … Gingrich is smart … Paul will get his suppoters to the caucuses but will the MN-GOP leadership again reject their participation in the state convention ?

    Gosh, you gotta love the drama of the MN-GOP

  • Vet4RonPaul

    Romney, Gingrich, Santorum are Chickenhawks

    I served 4 years active duty and my father and three of my brothers also served in the military. We and the troops are sick of neocon chickenhawks that never served but now want to play at Commander In Chief with other people’s lives. You can’t be pro-life and pro-war both. Rom Paul is pro-life and pro-peace and, he actually served in the military and want take for granted what it means to be in the military.

  • Chris

    I’m just picturing Jesse Ventura showing up at a Republican caucus meeting as a Ron Paul supporter. Does anyone know which precinct Ventura is registered in? Because the ensuing debate would be hilarious to catch on video.