Poll: Dayton gets high marks, state lawmakers not so much…

The latest Public Policy Polling survey says 53 percent of those polled approve of the job Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton is doing. Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature are faring much worse. 23 percent of those polled view them negatively. The poll says Democrats in the Legislature are winning in a generic ballot against their GOP opponents but the DFL approval numbers aren’t much better than Republicans. Just 31 percent of those surveyed have a favorable opinion of Democrats.

The poll also shows that the constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman is close. 48 percent of those surveyed say the support the ban on same-sex marriage. 44 percent are opposed to it.

59 percent of those surveyed also don’t support any public money going to a new Vikings stadium but that’s only if the team stays in Minnesota. Public opinion appears to shift if public money is the only way it will keep the team in the state. 46 percent of those polled say they’d support public money for a stadium if “that’s what it took to keep the Vikings in Minnesota.”

Read the full poll here.

  • Mark D

    Wow.. MPR is censoring post that have facts to back them up! Censoring a PAYED member that donated over $1200.00 to MPR in funding drives in 2011. Also I must add, we gave $850.00 to NPR in 2011.

    I HOPE this was a Mistake, like a slip of hand!

  • Tom Scheck

    We’re not censoring anything. The only comments that get flagged are ones that include a hyperlink (for spam reasons). All comments are posted.

    There are no comments from you that need to be approved.

  • Sanctimoniously Married

    Who is authoring the Bill to propose a Constitutional Amendment that would increase the penalties for state Senators and their staff members that carry on “inappropriate” relationships?