Dayton is open to Shakopee stadium pitch

Gov. Mark Dayton says he has not seen Shakopee’s new proposal for a Vikings stadium, but he’s willing to consider it.

Dayton set a deadline for officials in Ramsey County and Minneapolis to present their finalized stadium proposals by Thursday evening. The mayor of Shakopee is now offering another stadium site, which is located near two state highways. Asked today about the late entery in the stadium sweepstakes, Dayton told reporters that he just learned about the Shakopee proposal. But Dayton said he’ll consider all options.

“I don’t think anything I’ve said would preclude that,” Dyaton said. “Again, this is brand new to me, so I don’t know what the — I haven’t looked at it at all. But sure, if they have a serious proposal and they want to submit it by by 5:00 tomorrow, I’d certainly be willing to look at it.”

Shakopee officials are expected to outline their stadium plan late today during a Capitol news conference. The Vikings continue to prefer the Ramsey County site in Arden Hills.

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